Writers of Words: UnControlled Pen Poetry by Darrick Williams

Darrick Williams
By Darrick Williams August 1, 2014 21:29

Writers of Words: UnControlled Pen Poetry by Darrick Williams


If you enjoy storytelling, rhymes and prose poems, then this Writers of Words poetry book is for you. In this selection, you will find poems about affliction, relationships, spirituality and motivation. All the poems seek to make you think and to be the judge and the jury. The storytelling technique seeks to create visual imagery with words that the reader may find fun and intriguing. Each poem is also designed to make a plain and transparent point.

The poems are grouped by a selected topic, and the non-repetitive nature of the content seeks to inspired some, provide an avenue of escape for others and to resonate in the spirit of many.

The author has indicated that this book contains questionable content for children under 13.

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The Power He Had Gained

It all started with a few name-calling

Then the arguments had gotten worst

When she became intimidated

The lust had now become a curse

The more timid she became

The more power he had gained

What was once name calling, then arguments

Had now become physical over and over again

So hard he hit her

So hard he had stomped and kicked her

Even reached back and punched her too

She thinks she’d finally had escaped him

Until she now had come to

No reason he needed now, it was all repetition

The more timid she became

The more power he had gained

Filled with rage again, he begins his angry shouts

But indeed sees a change

He can tell there’s no more pain she feels

Nor did she hope her reality wasn’t real

All her tears she had kept

No more fear of him she had was left

And no more did she feared death

And he knew the power he had gained—

Had left

Who Are The Poets?


The Poet—

Transcending the soul’s essence into the word

One word yet another word

One by one formulating a great bond

To be forever linked as one whole

Each word belonging, not to sit still

Swaying as if surrounded by

The soft sounds of a saxophone

And so, became the poem

The poem is more than a connection of words

More than metaphors, rhymes, a deciphered text

A poem can motivate, sing and dance

Awaken forgotten thoughts

Teach, guide, and be a friend

It calms your fears, letting you know you’re not alone

A poem… understands

You asked who are the poets?

Why… The Poet

Let it be said,

The poets are a brotherhood, sisterhood

A vessel that houses a necessary burden

It houses the word that becomes words

That became poetry, which is the poem



We’ve been given the ears to hear

Eyes to see, and unwavering compassion

We were given the ability to absorb what you feel

Not only that…

We were given your story

We become— your story

The poet is not perfect,

But the poem must be perfection

When its designation is reached

It must travel into the soul without stall or confrontation

The poets willingly endures much anguish

Knowing their suffering is without vain

For it is shall touch the lives of many

Is this not beautiful?

Isn’t that, Heaven sent?

When they ask, who we are?

When they ask, are we relevant?

Let it be said…

They are the Writers of Words

Let it be written…

Indeed… it does matter


This America Competes

We compete for food

We compete for shelter

Compete for love

Even to stay healthy

We compete for education

We compete to be religious

Compete for our sexuality

Even for public housing

We compete against our neighbors

We compete to have rights

Even compete for our children

Just to have a basic civilian life

We compete as husbands and wives

Single mothers— fathers

As hard as we work,

We’re forced to work harder

Every day we compete

So many sleepless nights

So many stressful days

If you don’t want to work

Don’t expect to get paid

Take it or leave it

Yes! It’s minimum wage

This America has no place for

Beggars nor choosers

You’re either the winner or loser




It’s all we ever do

Dear Congress,

And Mr. President too,

Don’t you know?

This America

Even has to compete with you

Copyright© Darrick Williams. All rights reserved.

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Darrick Williams
By Darrick Williams August 1, 2014 21:29
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