Vengeful Intentions by Stephanie Nicole Norris

Stephanie Nicole Norris
By Stephanie Nicole Norris September 6, 2012 04:46

Vengeful Intentions by Stephanie Nicole Norris


After serving eight long months in jail and becoming obsessed with the woman who put her there Danielle Shumaker is released when the evidence held against her comes up missing. With Victoria clouding her mind with thoughts of revenge Danielle is caught off guard when someone wants to make her pay for past transgressions.

Not needing the added drama Victoria is still torn between her feelings toward Greg and her undying love for Joshua. With new knowledge that Danielle has been released from jail; Victoria is stunned knowing Joshua has not been honest with her.

Things get hotter when Joshua catches wind of Victoria’s affair and Caroline wants her husband back by any means necessary. Will this love story end in tragedy or will these couples learn to forgive and forget? Find out in part II of Trouble In Paradise.

According to the author, this book contains more than two words of profanity per page and descriptive writing about sexual acts between consenting adults.

The author has rated this book R (not suitable for those 17 and under).


Order! Order in the court! Judge Raymond Faragosse screamed as he banged down his gavel. The courtroom was in an uproar. It was Danielle Shumaker’s day in court and she was being release after eight months.

Danielle Shumaker is 30 years old. She had been charged with voluntary manslaughter, burglary, kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon, vandalism and resisting arrest. Her charges were loaded and that was just the list she had from that dreadful event that happened about eight months ago. Today she was on trial for what was supposed to be an open and shut case for District Attorney Barry Grounds, but it was turning out to be the worst case of his career.

Danielle held three people hostage inside their suburban condo in Paradise Condominiums in Chicago Illinois. She shot and injured one person, beat others and fatally killed one innocent bystander Leon Taylor of Memphis, Tennessee. Her Defense Attorney Mark Graham had put together an argument that Danielle needed professional help and should not be locked behind bars but admitted in a mental institution, today he wouldn’t have to use it.

Danielle Shumaker would have gone down today—nobody believed she needed professional help. They believed she was there to do bodily harm to someone and she should go down for it. Fortunately for Danielle the charges against her have been dismissed. The media was in a frenzy, in utter shock and disbelief. Joshua Eubanks, Danielle’s ex-boyfriend and the person shot at the scene of the crime dropped all charges against Danielle eight months prior before he left Chicago and moved to Atlanta GA. He figured they were not necessary due to the voluntary manslaughter she was charged with, but the evidence against Danielle disappeared and could not be found.

In light of the evidence disappearing District Attorney Barry Grounds tried unsuccessfully to contact Victoria Mathis, Joshua Eubanks, and Shayla Morrison. Their contact information was invalid and got the D.A. no luck. With no charges against Danielle she was being freed and a lot of people were pissed about it but one person in particular was enraged.

Sheila Carmichael was sitting in the back of the courtroom tight lipped and about to regurgitate. Leon Taylor was her cousin, her best friend, and she considered him closer than a blood brother. She sat in the courtroom every time Danielle went to court and Danielle’s defense attorney continued to have arraignments until today. Sheila’s throat went completely dry as if it had swollen up and cut off her air supply because all of a sudden she couldn’t breathe. [NP[]Her sexy brown eyes dilated and her eyes watered, she blinked rapidly three times as hot tears ran down her face. Sheila felt as if she was flying at thirty thousand feet and her ears were popping. The chair was no match for the death grip her hands placed on it which began to turn her light knuckles red. Her pulse started to slow, she reached for her throat and fell to her knees. She tried to inhale with every ounce of strength in her. Sheila wheezed as the oxygen struggled to break through her enclosed throat then she started to cough hard once the air reached her lungs.

Sheila was mad as hell and wanted to kill someone and not just anyone. On unsteady legs Sheila stood up and reached for the support of the chair until she could carry her weight. With an arch in her back she smooth down her two piece pants suit, grabbed her Gucci purse, slid it onto her arm, and adjusted her sunglasses. She checked the bottom of her Gucci pumps and flipped her professional ponytail from side to side. If it was up to her, this bitch wouldn’t make it out of this courtroom. She walked to the end of the row to exit the courtroom when a rush from the media surrounded her, a reporter yelled;

]“Danielle what do you think happened to the evidence?”

Another reporter yelled “Do you think you’ll be safe to enter back into society?”

Shelia realized then they were talking to Danielle and she had walked right into her path. Frozen her hands automatically turned into fists, her eyes turned into slits, her face went red and she could feel heat starting to build inside. Sheila was in reaching distance of Danielle and no one was there to hold her back. At that very moment her feelings triggered a scene from the movie “A Time To Kill” when Samuel L. Jackson had his one chance to come out and shoot the two guys that raped his daughter; her pulse quickened. She took a step forward but before she could do anything a microphone flew over her head and popped Danielle smack dead in her face. A loud screeching sound amplified from the flare of the microphone and Danielle screamed. It was a massive crowd, the disturbance in turn made the crowd shift and people were starting to fall on top of each other. Someone was pushing and trying to get to Danielle.

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Stephanie Nicole Norris
By Stephanie Nicole Norris September 6, 2012 04:46
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