Time In by Tim Filewod

Tim Filewod
By Tim Filewod June 22, 2013 01:41

Time In by Tim Filewod


What are you like? Would you take a risk? Well Toby did, but he had another reason for doing so. He wanted to find his father. He found himself in the future, a world with no countries controlled by huge multinational companies and policed by the Council and their Time Masters and they needed his help.

With his two friends Archie and Noor they try to stop an environmental disaster by travelling back in time to 1981. However a sinister organization called MORSC wants to stop them. Will Toby be able to complete his mission and meet his father? What will his father be like?

What follows is a roller coaster story of good versus evil, which will take you back to 1940’s London during the Blitz and forward into the future. A future, which is filled with animals that can understand and work with humans, powerful walking and flying Mechtechs, hover cars, sky cycles, VDUTs and of course 4D squash.

Join Toby and his friends to see if they can escape the MORSC disruptor agents and complete their mission. Can they do all this and still get back to present day Earth without getting the time bends?

The author has rated this book G (all ages).


Chapter 1 – Curiosity

Toby Wilder was walking just behind his foster mother and his older sister. It was nearing the end of the summer holidays and they were going to another museum. To be fair, the museum looked like it could be pretty good. It had two huge guns right outside. They were massive! Toby walked up to read the plaque in front of them.

Quickly he began to read; as he did he heard three beeps, followed by three longer notes and three shorter notes (…—…). It was the sound similar to the one you can get on a mobile phone when you get a text message. Toby stopped reading and looked around. Sure enough, there on the platform, on which the right-hand gun was mounted, was an ultra slim silver mobile phone. The text message flashed again it said ‘Do you want to travel through time? Go round the left-hand corner of the museum.’ Toby stopped and looked around to see if anyone owned the phone, but there was nobody nearby.

The afternoon sunlight caught the case of the phone and it twinkled. The light reflected off the case and focused Toby’s thoughts he wondered “What should I do? Should I take a risk?”
Toby had been taking risks all his life. He still can’t understand why his first foster family left him when he was only six; maybe it is because he could be impatient and impulsive. Well that’s what his sister Amelia said he was. However it was more likely the result of… The accident of course, it was the accident that started it all. The Sun moved behind a cloud. Toby’s eyes appeared to lose their bright blue colour, his

pupils widened, his mind flashed back, it often did. Nevertheless he could never remember the whole story. It came to him in pieces. It was always a cold day, his breath rose in the air like steam from a pan. There it was a bright red ball, his favourite. He kicked it, wow what a kick, it flew up in the air. “Good kick,” Dad yelled while the ball was in the air. The ball bounced against something, maybe a stone and changed direction it slid onto a shiny surface by some green plants. BEEP, BEEP! A car horn sounded rudely from nearby. The glazed look left Toby’s eyes. He looked again at the phone, then up towards the museum. He didn’t want to upset this carer. He had now had five different foster carers and had moved more times than the fingers on one hand. His foster carers haven’t always been as good as the one he has now. However, one thing got Toby thinking. It was just a faint hope, a tiny one, but if this did lead to time travel he might, he just might be able to travel back in time to before the accident, the time when he had both his parents.

Toby paused, running his hand through his hair; his hand touched the top of his left ear which still felt rough. This proved the risks he had taken had not always been successful. He should never have attempted that jump on his roller blades. However it had helped to form his character, so people said. Toby was constantly told he looked like a boy out of a pirate movie. His impulsive nature meant he loved a challenge and was often curious. Although, he frequently failed to succeed without help, so when he read the message he couldn’t resist. He took one last look around to see if anyone was coming back for the mobile phone, but no. That confirmed, it he reached out his hand.

It was easy; he called after his foster mum that he wanted to finish reading about the guns. He shouted that he would catch them up. He moved towards the left side of the museum. The slim phone fitted just inside his cupped hand and it flashed again.
Txt msg: Well done keep going.

Toby frowned, should he, sub-consciously he began weighing up the odds. He was walking into an open area, it was daytime, his foster mum was only 50 meters away and most importantly it was the holidays. He was bored and he wanted to see his father again and this was a chance, a slight chance, but it was there. Toby walked on.

There was a grassy patch around the side of the museum and it was deserted. Toby stopped and waited for a red double-decker bus to chug up the street in front of the museum and walked casually towards the side of the museum. Well he thought he was walking casually, but to an observer he looked as if he was about to commit a crime, but luckily the nearest people were watching the bus.

He kept close to the museum wall; it felt solid and somehow encouraged him to go on. He reached a small door about half-height. His eyes looked it over, it was the sort that you have if just wanted to look inside at something, you know an inspection hatch. It had a stern notice beside it in red writing: Imperial War Museum. No unauthorised entry. As he reached the door:
Txt msg: use this knock …—…
Toby did. …—…
Now the first really strange thing happened, the door opened. Toby peered suspiciously inside, his eyes adjusting to the gloom. There was a slight smell of

burning, but not unpleasant, similar to the smell of candyfloss at a fair. There was no light, however Toby could see a passage-way. It was smooth and circular like a tube. Txt msg. Hurry up get in!
Again this was a risk, but Toby’s instinct was saying go on you’ve been bored out of your mind the last week and you might just be able to fix things! What have you got to lose? Instinct and the faint hope he might be able to see both his parents again won, Toby climbed inside the tube feet first.

Whoosh, thump, crash, ouch! Toby landed with a bump on a metal grate. He noticed it had holes in it like the ones in sci-fi films. Also like the films there was some smoke/mist in the space. In the corner of the space was a monitor. It flickered into life. Time shuttle 007; please remove all non-organic items. Toby looked around the space. In the corner was a square of what looked like sand. It was quite dark so it was hard to tell. The monitor flickered again this time with red writing, Time shuttle 007 please remove all non-organic items. Toby shuffled towards the sand and stood on top. This time the monitor bleeped and used bold red capital letters. DANGER REMOVE NON-ORGANIC ITEMS. At this point Toby’s mobile phone flashed:
Txt msg: It means take off any clothes that are not made of natural fibres and leave your phone and watch in the tray.

Toby, using the light of the mobile phone, located the tray on a shelf on the wall. He decided to go ahead with it because, well because he’d got this far. He took off his watch and as he did so he noticed that it had stopped. He placed his other items: some money, chewing gum and phone in the tray. He then had another problem. All his

clothes except his shoes, which were made of rubber and leather and his t-shirt which was made of cotton and luckily his underwear had man made fibres in. So off the other clothes came. Toby ended up standing in the sand feeling almost naked.

The monitor bleeped again, sequence started. Seconds later there was a blinding flash and all Toby could see was an egg shape forming around him, it made him crouch in a ball; the next second he blacked out.

He woke still wearing almost nothing. He looked around, several hundred people were staring at him and a number of hover cars slowed on the free fly to look in his direction. Toby was very conscious of how skinny his arms and legs must look. So this was how Toby Wilder’s life of time-surfing began. Crouching, being stared at and practically in his ‘birthday suit’ as his dad used to say.

Chapter 2 – Basics
Toby was almost relieved to see that one of the hover cars had neatly side-stepped away from the free-fly and was starting to land close by to where he crouched. The car itself was curved and dark blue with blacked out windows and what looked like a siren and light on top. Its four powerful thrusters rotated to the position of normal wheels and it came to rest on the sand. “That was cool,” Toby thought. He focused on the car as it landed and noticed a pool of liquid appearing underneath it.

The door slid downwards under the car. A tall slender black man stepped elegantly from inside, in his hand he carried a transponder, which he turned so Toby could see

the screen. It looked like the text message menu on Toby’s mobile. It suddenly dawned on Toby who this might be.
“Get in,” commanded the man. With as much modesty as he could muster Toby slid into the rear compartment of the car. The man glided gracefully into the driving seat in the front and pressed several buttons.

“The Council,” he said to a computer display “At once,” purred a female sounding voice. Toby felt a slight judder as the car lifted off and rejoined the free-fly. The man turned his seat around 180 degrees and stared intently at Toby. Toby felt embarrassed. The man pointed with a long finger at a robe and belt and band next to Toby. Toby gratefully put them on. He then handed Toby a wristband which was yellow on one side and on the other shone a bright green colour.

When he was more presentable, wearing 100% organic clothing, Toby asked “Are you the sender of the text message?”
“Yes,” was the reply. “My name is Duke and I am a master black band time master, I work for the Council.” Toby glanced at the band on his wrist it was a sickly yellow colour. Duke continued “I am to be your handler.”

The hover car began to slow and the same smooth voice said “You are nearing your requested destination.” Toby looked forward through the head up display (HUD) and saw a gigantic silver building shaped like a pyramid. It had warning lights pulsating down each of its edges. It appeared to be floating above the ground. It reminded Toby of a kind of sea creature. Toby looked questioningly towards Duke.

Duke noticed the look and explained “this is the Council headquarters; we didn’t want to waste space, as we need as much land as possible to grow food. So it floats, it spends one day over each farm, then moves on a cycle that the farmers can prepare for.” Duke didn’t add any further details. Toby looked, he couldn’t see any farmers, but he could see an army of robots tending to the crops in the fields below.

The building was so large it took up the whole of the HUD. A doorway slid downwards in its side, near to the bottom of the pyramid. The hover car glided into a large well-lit hanger space. Duke set it down carefully in a docking bay. Guards wearing dark blue robes stood stiffly next to the hanger entry doors. Duke turned to Toby and said “Time for your briefing.” Toby stepped shakily from the car, he could feel his pulse in the side of his neck.

Duke whisked them along a corridor and into an elevator. The elevator set off at an alarming pace that made Toby almost squash his face into its glass walls. After travelling up, it then slid sideways and came to an abrupt halt outside the briefing room. Before they entered, Toby turned to Duke and stuttered in a slightly high pitched voice “Why me? You could have any person from any time age, why mine?” Duke stopped abruptly and took a breath.

“Well the fact you followed the text-messages helped to show character, whether you pass basic training or not is another matter. As for why from your time on Earth; it is do with your ability to take in and understand new technologies. When you saw the Council floating above the ground, what did you think?” Toby started to speak, but Duke continued “You believed it didn’t you, you have seen enough technology to

know that in the ‘future’ floating buildings and flying cars will probably happen.” Toby nodded, that seemed to make sense, he had grown up with a game console control glued to his hand. He reasoned he knew how to work a computer before he knew how to read.

Without further conversation they walked into the room in front of them. The briefing was long and very detailed. It was presented using 3D holograms which allowed you to see inside buildings and structures. However, by the end, Toby felt like he just had a whole day learning long-division, decimal notation and clauses all thrown into one. On the plus side it did bring him up to speed on why, he was in the near future and why that world in that time frame might need his help.

However, it was still a lot to take in, after all he was in a building that was hovering, having just got out of a floating car and been transported through time. Wow, he needed a sit down, his head was beginning to spin!

Just as he was about to sit on the floor outside the briefing capsule, Duke appeared. “Follow me,” he ordered. He led the way down a walk way and using his magnetic shoes slid vertically up a kind of escalator. Toby had to climb the stairs.

Duke led them into a room past a bank of sensors and scanners and a large dog. The room had C.I.C C2 written on the door. “This is the command and control centre,” explained Duke, “Stick very close to me and say nothing,” he added sternly. He took Toby to a visual display and touch unit (VDUT) he put in some kind of code and the VDUT sparkled into life. A message appeared on the screen:

TASK 1 – Return to Earth and select a strike team.
Toby stared at the screen with his mouth hanging open. Despite the detailed briefing he had just been subjected to, a million and one questions jumped instantly into his head. Duke had anticipated such a thing. “Time to relax,” he stated calmly. “Follow me.” Duke removed what looked like a miniature thumb drive from the VDUT and placed it inside his robes. He took Toby to another part of the building up yet more vertical magnetic ways only this time he held Toby tight and allowed him to ride.

They reached what looked like the residential part of the building. He put in a code into a security door and it slid away with a gentle hiss. He beckoned Toby inside. “Time to get some rest, go and get showered and I will show you how osmosis works.”

Duke plugged the small thumb drive into the side of the bed. “While you sleep the mission data will be downloaded into the memory of your brain. When you wake you will be able to remember all the details.” Toby didn’t have a problem with this at all, he was shattered and could probably sleep standing up had Duke asked. Sure enough once Duke had left, Toby climbed into bed and fell almost instantly asleep, in his dreams he dreamt of finding his parents.

Copyright© Tim Filewod. All rights reserved.

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Tim Filewod
By Tim Filewod June 22, 2013 01:41
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