The Troy Standard – And the Men Behind the Desks by A.G. Fredericks

A.G. Fredericks
By A.G. Fredericks September 13, 2012 20:26

The Troy Standard – And the Men Behind the Desks by A.G. Fredericks


Through determination and hard work, Troy Mulligan had become the man he always wanted to be. He is happy, healthy, has a wonderful family and successful career. A surprise inheritance helps enlighten him to the prospect that the basic measure of the United States economy, the dollar itself, is unstable and dangerous. As the industry which he works becomes more and more oppressive through government over-regulation, he decides to change his life’s path and focus on helping people instead. When a billionaire approaches him with an idea to start a new global currency based on precious metals, he jumps at the chance to help, feeling that he will be improving the lives of people who don’t necessarily understand the danger they are facing under the current monetary system. However, introducing sound money to the world economy has far deeper implications to its’ power structure, and Troy is about to find out what lengths some will go to preserve it.

The author has rated this book PG (not necessarily suitable for children).


Troy always kept a baseball bat on the inside of the doorway to their bedroom. When the house was new, it made a lot of “new house noises” which they often mistook for an intruder. So Troy bought the bat. At times, he made late night rounds of the house with the bat when they heard the noises, but he never came across an intruder.

While he didn’t know what this man in his bedroom wanted, Troy certainly knew what he wanted… and he wanted the bat. Once he crossed the threshold of the door, he quickly reached his arm for the bat. He didn’t want to take his eyes off the man in fear that he might make a move. He reached his hand down, but…

It was gone. The bat was gone.

In a quick moment, he realized what Jennifer had been trying to communicate. He thought she was merely frantic after waking up to a strange man in the house, but she was really trying to say something more.

There was a second man in the room.

Troy was not able to see him at first from where he was standing. Before he knew it, it was too late. The bat hit home on the side of his head.

He was thrown back into the foyer, completely shaken and hardly able to move. He felt dizzy and everything he looked at seemed fuzzy. Pushing his hands on the ground, he attempted to get up. As he slowly started rising, he felt as though he lost track of time. He was on his elbows and knees – had it taken two seconds to get this far or two minutes? Was this really happening? He had no idea.

Disoriented, he fell back down to the floor and landed on something wet. He glanced down and saw his own blood beginning to pool. And then the soft voice of an angel.


A rush of adrenaline kicked in and Troy’s vision cleared up instantly. Aura emerged from her room with Cuddles, the purple bear, in tow. She had heard her mother scream and her dad run up the stairs. Now she looked down upon her father, as he lay almost lifeless on the floor. She was clueless as to what was happening, and her innocence made her oblivious as to why.

“Daddy, who is here?”

His eyes met hers. A million thoughts went through his head at once. He felt the need to protect her and just wanted to pick her up in this moment and take her someplace safe. He needed to at least survive this thing… this thing that was happening. He hoped the men would just leave now – Jennifer’s screams were loud and the neighbors must have heard them and called the police. They would be here soon. He just needed to survive. Who else could explain this situation to Aura but him? Who else could repair her innocence?

In the next split second, she must have understood that whatever was going on was not good. Daddy was not acting normal. He did not look normal. Her gaze left his eyes and moved up past his shoulder. He was desperate to save her, but powerless to move with any sort of quickness after the initial blow.

The second swing landed solidly, and the lights went out.

Copyright© A.G. Fredericks. All rights reserved.

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A.G. Fredericks
By A.G. Fredericks September 13, 2012 20:26
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