The Presidents Club by FCEtier

F.C. Etier
By F.C. Etier August 16, 2013 22:01

The Presidents Club by FCEtier


Former FBI agent, John Hixon is hired to protect a group of men whose names all begin with names that match former U.S. Presidents. Because of their affiliation with another man, their lives become in danger.

When they investigate a murder, the heat gets turned up and everyone is even more at risk.

It’s high stakes gambling with the richest of the rich.

The author has rated this book PG-13 (questionable content for children under 13).

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A tall slim man whose eyes missed no detail waited while an EMS crew pushed their way through the open double doors to the Kennestone Hospital emergency department. He adjusted his tie and took several deliberate, confident strides towards the check-in desk.

He exhibited the self-assured demeanor of a hospital administrator.

Few people in the busy emergency room noticed him.

The ones that did thought he was a lawyer.

He was neither.

Those queued up to sign in were self-absorbed in their own dilemmas. Stabbings. Auto accidents. Gunshot victims. Hand to hand combat in a bar room.

The regular crowd had shuffled in.

A twenty-something black male was in line ahead of the sharp dressed man. When asked, the patient told the receptionist, “I’ve been shot.”

“Again?” It was obvious she was annoyed. “Where?”

He pointed to a small cut in the hairline just above his forehead. He turned and she could see where the slug had skimmed between his skull and outer layer of skin and lodged in the back of his head.

She directed him to an empty chair and said, “Sit over there for a few minutes and we’ll bring you a Band-Aid.” Then she looked at the man in the business suit with hope in her eyes.

“I’m Detective Falconer with the Marietta Police Department. You called about a mugging victim?”

“Thanks for coming down so quickly, detective,” said the front desk lady. She opened the door and took him to the triage nurse. Nurse Reilly led him to one of the curtained-off treatment areas and said, “He may not live through the night and we thought you might want to talk to him.”

Falconer asked for confirmation, “He was awake when the ambulance brought him in?”

“Yes, barely. We got him stabilized and then he mumbled a few words and passed out.”

“What exactly was it he said before he lost consciousness?”

“What he said, is why we called you.” Reilly flipped a page on the chart and read, “Tell the President he’s next.”

Copyright© FCEtier. All rights reserved.

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F.C. Etier
By F.C. Etier August 16, 2013 22:01
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