Stories of Spirits by Teresa Garcia

Teresa Garcia
By Teresa Garcia November 15, 2012 04:08

Stories of Spirits by Teresa Garcia


Five short stories of dragon spirits and ancestors, in a Japanese milleau. Some are set in ancient times, others are more modern. Each short story that has new vocabulary has a mini-glossary of Japanese terms that were utilized. Includes: Ancestors, Dragon Dance, So Close, So Far, Dark and Light, and Watcher

The author has rated this book Rated G (all ages).



A crisp wind blew through the trees, stirring leaves slowly changing from green to russet and scarlet glory, a splash of gold here and there catching the eye for a moment. The grounds were simple, a small pile of stones currently the only marker denoting this meadow from the other meadows on the mountain side. A small stream could be heard beyond the line of trees, tumbling down softly.

In the distance, the clouds filling the sky had opened to reveal a small gate of blue into the High Plain of the Heavens. Below those clouds, the Plain of the Sea lay in a silver blanket, somewhere below that lurked the Sea Palace, and beyond the sea lay Tokoyo. The sounds of nature were broken by a pulse of sound, followed by another, a pitiful imitation of thunder. Yet, it served to attract attention.

“It’s time…” They seemed to say, pulling on the spirits dwelling in this village of the dead. “Come home…”

Small orbs rose from the ground and the marker, the little tama all glowing softly with their own light as they floated in a dreamy procession down the path through the forest to the village that they had once occupied. Unseen to the living occupants, the ancestors hovered silently among their children, gathering around the places where the offerings had been left.

While the chants rang out over the village, the year’s Toya carefully pronouncing the words, the ancestors fed upon the vapors from the delicious food and extended their blessings over the village.

“But Mama, I don’t see grandma…” a small voice plaintively whispered, wide brown eyes turned upward in confusion to the soft face above him.

“Hush now… You have to look with your heart, not your eyes. Everyone is here with us now, they come when we call…”

“But I want to see Grandma…”

One of the iridescent orbs floated closer to the little boy, hovering softly just before his face at eye level, still unseen. Around the mother and child, the village still continued in its greetings to the visitors from the Otherworld.

“Maybe you will see her tonight in your dreams, my son.” The mother cooed softly, the orb wavering still where she was. “But Grandma is with us, and our ancestors are all around us. Can you feel her nearby?”

The orb gave up on being seen, opting instead to settle on the young lad’s head.

“Sort of, almost like she has her hand on my head again, light right before she would mess up my hair… I miss that…”

The orb shifted her position, rolling slightly, and the breeze brushed gently over the child’s head. For just a moment, if one glanced out of the corner of their eye, perhaps they would have seen a small elderly woman perched on the boy’s head, or standing just behind and resting a slightly gnarled and dragon-like hand there.


Tama – Jewel, soul, or piece of a soul.

Tokoyo – A mystical land over the sea spoken of in Japanese mythology. This is where the spirits of the dead go, and return from to visit their families yearly before returning again.

Toya – Folk priest or priestess, usually a village headman.

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Teresa Garcia
By Teresa Garcia November 15, 2012 04:08
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