Shadow of Doubt by Melissa Gaye Perez

Melissa Gaye Perez
By Melissa Gaye Perez April 28, 2012 09:53

Shadow of Doubt by Melissa Gaye Perez


Follow the adventures of Jordan Scott, a racing fanatic and free spirit burned by love once before and a man who has no intentions of adding another new love interest to his single lifestyle. Then he suddenly wakes up after a horrific thunderstorm just to find a cute little blonde washed up on his Daytona beach front property and just his luck…she has no idea who she is or where she is from. Against his better gut instinct he decides to let her stay with him until she regains her memory hoping he can send her home but after months together they fall helplessly in love. Then comes Jordan’s best friend Martin Slater who decides to try and take her for himself and causes problems between them only to fail but Jordan still refuses to commit to a relationship until she regains her memory. Finally, Dolly comes face to face with her brother and it all comes back to her but now can Dolly and Jordan’s relationship survive what the past reveals? This is a cute and comical Romance that the most avid reader will enjoy. A fast smooth read that will bring a smile to almost any face.

The author has rated this book PG (not necessarily suitable for children).


Jordan was awakened around 3 a.m. by the sound of strange noises. He quickly pulled on his jeans and walked to lean against his heavy wooden door. He pressed his ear against it to listen. It sounded like someone was gasping for air…choking maybe. Then he suddenly realized it had to be coming from the direction of Dolly’s bedroom. His first fear was that someone may have broken in during the night again and attacked her. His heart raced immensely as he ran from his door to hers in a frenzy, Myron already whining and scratching at the bottom of the door.

Hurling the door open he yelled out, “Dolly???” He could see the silhouette of her body suddenly sit up in her bed, her right hand on her chest, hardly able to catch her breath. Jordan stood frozen for a second then slowly made his way to the bedside and sat next to her.

“You all right? Huh? Calm down…relax. It was just a bad dream,” he tried to comfort as he gently rubbed her back up and down with a sturdy, caring hand.

Dolly gasped again as she tried to speak to him and tell him about the nightmare she had just awaken to. “It was…huhhh…”

“Relax, you’re okay now,” Jordan assured again as he straddled his legs behind her almost wrapping them around her slim body then gently began to massage her tense, tight shoulders.

“I was…in the water,” she began again after she finally started to breathe smoother. “It was rough and I tried to stay on top…but I couldn’t. I just couldn’t.”

Jordan looked puzzled at first. Then it came to him. “You must be starting to get your memory back. Maybe remembering what happened to you that night. Were you in a boat or what?”

Dolly thought intensely for a short moment. “I’m not too sure. It was so dark, even in my dream. Only occasionally could I see flashes of light.”

“Must have been the lightening during the storm,” he replied as his hands slid from her shoulders to the crawl of her back. He went on massaging her gently. Hoping it would help her remember.

“Lightening?” she asked with bewilderment.

“Yeah…there was a pretty bad thunderstorm the night before I found you. Evidently you must’ve gotten caught up in it somehow.”

Dolly only turned and looked at him blankly. He patted her back soothingly. “Oh yeah…now I remember you telling me about it before. I just…can’t think straight right now.”

Jordan then rose and chuckled. “You’ll be okay. Now try and get some sleep, we have a long drive to get ready for tomorrow.”

Dolly cuddled back to her pillow and watched the shadowed outline of Jordan’s stout tanned body disappear into the darkness. He left both their doors open just in case it happened again. He felt bad about leaving her alone, but didn’t think it proper for him to stay, even if just to comfort her the rest of the night.

Truthfully, he wasn’t sure he trusted himself anymore. Every time he was around her all he wanted to do was squeeze her tightly against him and kiss her. Every time he touched her…it was worse. He shook his head telling himself she would be all right by herself the rest of the night as he laid restlessly on his bed and dazedly remembered the feeling of her soft satiny skin while he rubbed her neck and shoulders.

Copyright© Melissa Gaye Perez. All rights reserved.

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Melissa Gaye Perez
By Melissa Gaye Perez April 28, 2012 09:53
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