Randle’s Princess by Melissa Gaye Perez

Melissa Gaye Perez
By Melissa Gaye Perez April 21, 2012 01:53

Randle’s Princess by Melissa Gaye Perez


Randle’s Princess is a suspense/thriller with murder, lies and deceit. The powerful Randle Malcolm is a handsome and rich Texas Attorney who also leads a deep dark secret life. Lia Harton finds herself unwillingly drawn into Randle’s frightening secret life at a very young age and tries desperately to escape it, but after all her attempts seem to fail she finds herself a branded woman only to be hunted by his enemies wanting to use her for revenge. Then her beloved Thomas comes along but will he be able to save her from what Randle insists is her destiny? This novel takes numerous twists and turns that will keep you on edge and an ending you will not soon forget.

The author has rated this book PG-13 (questionable content for children under 13).


Thomas paced a few steps in front of the desk then returned to face Randle once more. “And what’s in it for me if I get this done?” His hands were now on his hips and he acted as if he had gathered up more courage.

“Anything,” Randle simply stated back. “This man has been causing me trouble for far too long. I want this taken care of immediately and discretely.”

“Anything huh?” Thomas replied again as if he wasn’t sure he meant what he had said.

“Anything,” he repeated with a stern face making sure Thomas knew he meant business. “You take care of this for me and I will grant you anything you want…just name your price.”

Thomas confidently reached out his right hand in agreement. “Then you’ve got a deal. I promise I will not let you down.”

Without a second thought Randle reached out and clenched the deal with a handshake, smiling victoriously as if he had won the lottery.

“Fine…now name your price,” he then went on to state as if there wasn’t an amount of money big enough to scare him.

Thomas fidgeted for a moment then with much courage he faced Randle Malcolm eye to eye and spoke his answer.

“Princess,” is all he muttered out.

Lia’s body jerked to attention and Randle came to stand straight up and glared back with a look in his eyes so evil they seemed to be cutting right through him.

“What did you say?” he asked in a violent tone of voice and as if he had misunderstood the answer.

“Princess,” Thomas repeated without hesitation. “All I want as my reward for doing this deed…is her.”

Randle’s pleasant smile left his face immediately upon Thomas’s response but he never looked away from him.

Lia never moved. She only sat now with her eyes open wide and her jaw dropped that this man would even have the nerve to think such a thing was conceivable. Randle Malcolm would never give her up, especially not to another man. What he asked now was the impossible and she knew this with all certainty.

“Princess is mine and everyone knows that,” Randle then stated firmly. “And anyone would be a fool to think otherwise.”

Thomas kept his confidence. “But Randle Malcolm has always been a man of his word, hasn’t he? I don’t think it would look too good now if word got around that you were to change that now would it?” He almost seemed to be threatening Randle’s integrity now.

Randle had a look of total disgust take over his face, almost a look of defeat as he seemed to be clenching his teeth just to help hold himself back from killing this man right here and now.

Then Thomas had the nerve to continue. “I would think you would lose a lot of respect from your peers if you were ever to go back on your word now don’t you think?”

There was a short pause and Lia was becoming more worried as she tried to study Randle’s expression.

“Then so be it,” Randle finally proclaimed through clenched teeth. “You do exactly as I have asked…and Princess is yours.”

Thomas smiled diligently, almost with a little too much arrogance as he took two steps back seeming to be heading for the door and afraid to turn his back on Randle at the same time.

Lia never moved or made a sound. All she thought now was surely Randle had another plan. Surely he wouldn’t really follow through with this. But by the look on his face and the sound of his voice she knew he had no choice. He had no intentions of letting this man ruin his reputation and possibly even bring down his empire. Her own anger was building now as she listened on.

As Thomas reached for the knob and pulled the door open to exit the room Randle again spoke to him.

“Thomas…Princess is as innocent as the day she was born. I will not let her be treated like a whore. If you want her…you will have to marry her first.”

Thomas smiled knowingly at his demand. “I wouldn’t have it any other way,” he replied almost with a laugh then turned and quickly left the house.

Lia jumped quickly from the ledge and ran straight to stare Randle down. “I refuse to be a chip on your bargaining table!” she yelled out as loud as she could. Her face was red and her eyes were becoming glassy. She could feel her chest move as her heart pounded faster now.

Randle grabbed her arms and shook her. “Princess I had no choice! If I back out now it could be the end of everything don’t you understand that? I am a man of my word and once I give it I can’t take it back!”

“But Randle…” she started but he cut her off.

“I don’t want to hear another word about it. What’s done is done!” He let go of her with such force she stumbled backwards.

He hurried out the door and up the staircase. Lia stood unbelieving as she watched him retreat to his bedroom and slam the door hard behind him.

What just happened here? she asked herself in disbelief. Does he really intend to marry me off to some man I hardly know? Would Randle Malcolm actually offer me into another man’s bed as jealous as he has always been when another man would so much as speak to me?

Lia walked slowly and numbly from the room and looked out the glass panes of the front door to make sure Thomas was gone. His car wasn’t there so she knew he made a fast get away. Now she only wondered how long it would take him to complete his assignment and just exactly how soon did Randle intend for this wedding to take place? Her mind was so boggled she couldn’t decide where to go next, up the stairs back to her bedroom or maybe take a walk outside and try to make sense of what had just taken place here.

Slowly she made her way out the patio doors and walked passed the pool to the gardens behind them. She made her way to a bench just in front of the goldfish pond and sat with her elbows propped on her legs and her head down in her hands. All she could do now was cry and wonder if maybe Randle had decided to do this on purpose just to punish her for running away to Vegas the way she had. Maybe even to punish her for not submitting to him by now the way he had always insisted she would someday do. And now she felt the one person in the world she had always trusted to love and protect her forever was about to send her away…condemned too live the rest of her life with an almost total stranger.

Copyright© Melissa Gaye Perez. All rights reserved.

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Melissa Gaye Perez
By Melissa Gaye Perez April 21, 2012 01:53
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