It’s A New Season by Desiree Future

Desiree Future
By Desiree Future April 12, 2014 02:24

It’s A New Season by Desiree Future


In this sequel now turned series to The Pastor’s Heart, the beautiful love story continues. Newly-married Pastor Kingston Carter and his bride Lady Sinclair Madison Carter have settled into their new lives together. The unlikely couple continues to build their own professional businesses as they had done before marrying. Hardworking Sinclair strives to make her agency, Aged Out Foster Care Inc., more reachable to former foster care kids now turned adults in need of assistance. Family-man Kingston is constantly helping to grow his family-owned grocery store, Carter Market, as well as their church, Christ the Lord Fellowship.

In the midst of the two sharing their heart and love for one another, something comes crashing into their blissful world. One of the two will have their padlocked closets forced opened. The contents that spill will wreak havoc on the lives of the pastor and his first lady. With the battle of David and Goliath standing at their front door, it’s hard to see who will remain standing if and when that door finally closes.

The author has rated this book G (all ages).


“I am going to ruffle some feathers today but this need to be said. There is pure hatred going on amongst us! People hate other people because they have something that they do not. They can’t stand you because you can do something and they can’t. They despise you because you drive a better car than them. Demeaning is what they do to you because you live in a better house. Guess what God did not give you those things unless He thought you could handle them! Apparently God knew you could handle it so He gave it to you.” Kingston yelled to the congregation. Kingston began getting into his sermon so he took off his jacket to reveal his signature suspenders.

“To the haters who spit hateful venom, you need to understand the reason you don’t have anything is because you are spitting venom. When you open your mouth to knock someone because they live in a poor neighborhood, you are spitting venom. When you drive past someone on the bus stop and you don’t offer them a ride, you are spitting venom. When you intentionally mistreat a person because you think you are better than them, you are spitting venom. This is the reason that you don’t have anything because you are so busy mistreating people. We all know that venom is the poison that a snake injects into its victims. As long as you are spitting venom, venom will always bite you because snakes always bite back.”

Sinclair rose to her feet as Kingston had begun to preach with such passion that Sinclair could not help but smile. This was want she loved about her husband. When he preached, he preached. He held nothing back when he spoke. When Kingston wanted to get his point across he would, whatever it took. It didn’t matter that sometimes he had a rough start with his message in the beginning. Once Kingston got going it was amazing as he got to the finish line. There was no way on this earth she would miss him preaching. Only an act of God could keep her away.

“Preach, preacher!” Jamison yelled as he stood to his feet with his wife standing with him.

“When you talk about a person because they can’t afford a new pair of shoes, you are spitting venom. When you degrade your sisters and brothers because they have financial problems or personal problems, you are spitting venom. Do not think for one minute that God is going to bless you any more than what you already have, as long as you are talking about the next person.” Kingston stated as he continued to walk across the stage.

Calvin stood to his feet and yelled. “You better tell it!”

“I remember when there was a time when all we had was each other. We had to depend on one another to survive everyday life. As the years went on, us as a black people, stood side by side to fight for equal rights and justice. What happened to those times of us helping our neighbor? What happened to the times of us raising our children as a village? What happened to loving thy enemy?” Kingston shouted into the microphone.

“Say it again!” A congregation member shouted from her seat.

“We need to stop the hate today. Help your neighbor out with anything you can. Go run their errands for them. Talk to our children so the streets don’t talk to them first. Give someone a ride home. Visit them in the poor area and bring them a smile. Congratulate people on their progression. Help people out like in the days before.”

“Come on now Pastor Kingston.” Someone yelled from the large audience.

“Build up and not tear down. Here is another example in case you still didn’t get it.” Kingston continued as he started sweating from preaching so hard.

“I got up this morning and realized that I had forgotten to get my suit from the cleaners. I went to Lady Sinclair to tell her and she looked at me strange. She didn’t say a word she just walked away. I followed her into our bedroom and hanging up in plain view was my suit. She had gone to the cleaners and gotten it for me days before. Amen! Now mind you, my wife has a full time job just like I do. Her business is very hectic and demanding at times. Lady Sinclair took time out of her busy schedule to make time for me. She understands, rather we understand neither one of us can run our household without the other one. We work together because we are a team. Teams work together. They help pull each other up and not pull one another down.” Kingston said smiling at Sinclair.

Kingston was preaching his behind off. Louise sat listening to every word Kingston said as only a proud parent could do. Wearing an off white sequin trimmed skirt suit, she sat next to Sinclair. With her matching sequined hat, purse and shoes she looked like royalty. She was surely proud of the accomplishments that he had made. Being ordained as young pastor by the bishop was extraordinary in itself. Then the more Kingston preached the more she saw the greatness in him. It was like he was almost a clone of his father. Sure the two looked alike and even sounded alike at times. But the way that Kingston had been preaching lately was unbelievable. It’s as if Sinclair brought out more of him that he didn’t know was in him.

She still couldn’t believe that her baby boy was even married. Yet she sat next to his wife that she too had fallen in love with. Sinclair was very intelligent and goal oriented. She was about something and that was surely a bonus in her book.

Too many times, Louise had seen pastors and minsters forget who was standing by their side at all times. They would thank God for being in their lives and acknowledge their wives as if reading from a script. Calvin and Kingston were the exception. They always made it their business to acknowledge their wives and give a personal note as well. There was a lot the First Ladies had to endure because they held the title. Stand by your man and smile regardless of everything that was happening. Do this, do that, go here and be there. Not to forget the many women that always tried to hit on their husbands, the pastors. However, the Carter men were men of honor and standard.

The Carter men were by far a different breed. They understood the whole aspect of not only being a pastor but being a First Lady. Therefore they always made sure their wives were well respected. They especially made sure they were not being taking advantage of. They let the world know how much they loved them anywhere and anytime. Louise was surely proud of the son she and her husband Calvin had raised. Kingston was a good man that she was proud to call her son.

“Now I say that because had we not been working together, our house would not be a home. The same rule applies in God’s house. Use your gifts from God to build up and not tear down in the kingdom of God!” Kingston said as he shouted as loud as he could as he began walking back to the podium.

“That’s right son!” Calvin shouted as he stood to his feet with Louise at his side and Sinclair too.

The congregation went into a frenzy by clapping their hands and stomping their feet.

“In closing I just want to say that it’s going to get better.” Kingston said as he left the podium and went to his seat. Kneeling to pray he then took his seat beside Louise.

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Desiree Future
By Desiree Future April 12, 2014 02:24
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