Mirror Deep by Joss Landry

Joss Landry
By Joss Landry January 9, 2013 06:50

Mirror Deep by Joss Landry


Danger and romance roll like thunder in Kat Bonner’s world, when a known felon comes to the ranch to drop a bomb about her past. Kat turns to Pierce for help, the same Pierce who bucks her every chance he gets … and whose feverish investigation lands them in trouble with the law and directly in the path of a serial killer.

Mystery deepens, fraught with wrong turns, bumbling detectives, old murders, and Kat’s doppelganger no one ever sees but her, just as she never sees the change in Pierce’s feelings toward her brewing, mounting, until she can no longer deny them.

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The author has rated this book G (all ages).


Kat tried to ignore Pierce as long as she could.

“Hey, why were you riding him so fast?” He reined in Damisela to dismount and walk beside her. “Trying to escape my clutches?” he mocked, lips curling around his lazy drawl. “There’s nowhere to run, Kat,” he said as he swung his leg over Damisela’s rump.

Kat slowed as she waited for him to catch up. “You’re right. I am trying to escape— running from your browbeating condescension,” she said, in a snit.

He laughed. “Oh! Big word for you, Kat.”

She stared right at him, skipped over the wind-tossed hair and bronzed good looks, thinking he wielded a lot of aggression this early in the morning, even for Pierce. “Why are you following me, anyway? I beat you fair and square last night. I owe you nothing.” A small group had played poker the previous evening. The game had ended with an argument between her and Pierce, as usual—over scores, over money, over which one of them was the bigger cheater.

“Marian asked me to get you. I guess she needed to punish me for my behavior last night. Why else would she send me looking for you?”

“Because she’s smart. She knows I can teach you a thing or two. Anyway, I wouldn’t tackle such a difficult riddle, if I were you—too complex for your teeny brain. Besides, I’m going to be the bigger … person here, Pierce. I have better ways to occupy my time than arguing with you. Did she say what she wanted?” she asked, readying to jump and slide herself over Fog Mist’s back.

He laughed. “Were you about to say ‘the bigger man’?”

Kat refused to dignify his smirk with an answer, laboring instead over Fog and pushing her torso up to mount him while she cooed to him to be calm. When she straightened on her horse, she blew a little tuft of Fog’s hair off her nose and, for good measure, gave Pierce the evil eye, waiting for him to answer her question.

“She didn’t say. I didn’t ask.” He smiled.

She tossed her head away from his sneer, and raised her chin as she indicated to Fog that they were gone.

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Joss Landry
By Joss Landry January 9, 2013 06:50
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