Mary Adair

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Mary Adair

Mary’s Bio:

Author Mary Adair lives in Southeast Oklahoma. She writes Native American Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult and Inspirational Fiction.

Mary believes that along with weaving a story into a written work comes a responsibility. She feels authors should express themselves. That is what being an artist and author is all about. But with that, she keeps in mind that words are sharper than any two-edged sword. She chooses not to write stories that generate hate, or foster desperation or pain for her readers. She believes there is already enough pain and desperation in the world. Mary thrives to write stories filled with hope, triumph and adventure. That is not to say her character’s lives are a walk through the park. You can, however, expect a happy ending.

Mary hopes all of you eternal optimist, hopeless romantics, and lovers of adventure, from whom all good things are born, will pick up a copy of one of her books and enjoy the ride through the story she creates.

Author’s quote: An author’s Passion is realized when that first novel becomes published and that first fan writes a reader’s review to share how much she enjoyed the book. How an author fulfills the Vision is all in the journey that follows.

Mary’s book(s):

Passion's Vision by Mary Adair on the Independent Author Index

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By Index Admin September 17, 2012 00:10
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  1. Praveen Inbarajan March 29, 01:11

    Dear Mary,

    Congrats on the release of your book “Captive Spirits”.

    Cutting straight to the point, every week we feature a budding author in our Facebook page and other social media. This week we would like to feature you and your work. Would like to know your interest.

    Praveen – AEL Data

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