Loyalty by Eva Caye

Eva Caye
By Eva Caye August 13, 2013 23:14

Loyalty by Eva Caye


How dangerous is it to be Imperial?

Princess Anne has tremendous duties as an heiress to her mother Empress Felice Sinclair’s stargate technology. Her brothers Prince Brian and Prince Christian have dedicated their lives to the protection of their Imperial family, as officers in Sentinel Security and the Imperial Service. Yet their most worrisome security concerns seem to revolve around their love lives! Who can they trust with their secrets as well as their persons?

Lord Andrés Encino, for example, is the closest Anne has ever come to having a lover, yet with his photographic memory, to even capture a glimpse of stargate mathematics would be a grave security breach and a danger to them all. But when Anne is severely injured in a space battle, Andrés rushes to be by her side, as Christian fights the aggressors and Brian investigates the treason that led to the attack on the Stargate Fleet.

Their travails expand dramatically as they face lengthy recovery, manipulative lovers, brutal violence, social pressures, assassination attempts, and ultimately face their insecurities in order to reach for true love, so difficult to find. For who will stand by your side through thick and thin when you live in perpetual danger just because you are Imperial?

This science fiction romance is the sixth book of the seven-part To Be Sinclair series. The saga continues with Dynasty and its companion volume Loyalty, which detail the romances and political struggles of the youngest Imperial siblings of the Sinclair Demesnes. A few scenes describe sexually explicit behavior.

According to the author, this book contains descriptive writing about sexual acts between consenting adults.

The author has rated this book R (not suitable for those 17 and under).


Someone knocked on the door. Walking into the sitting room, she called, “Enter.”

Brian stuck his head in with a smirk and a glance around the room before coming in and closing the door. “No Andrés? I heard from the Palace Sentinel command post you had his name put on the register this morning.”

“Given that I have never done so before, I suppose they couldn’t wait to tell you. But no, he did not spend the night,” Anne snarled, flinging herself onto her front couch. “So, where is Cotton Candy-Brain? Still in your apartment sleeping herself out? Why are you here?”

Brian snarled back, “God, you would have to bring her up.” He flung himself onto the couch, too. At her curious look, he grumbled, “We were in bed when I noticed she had a relatively fresh scar on her belly. I figured she had had her contraceptive implant taken out.”

“God. Was this before or after you took her?” Livid for him, she realized this was the first she had heard of any lady trying to trick one of her brothers into a pregnancy.

“Before, thank God. I’m just glad I leave all my lights on when I am gone, and had neither time nor inclination to turn them off at the time.” He slouched morosely. “I came over to tell Mother right away. Trinity will now be banned from Palace events for five years. I had Sentinel Command pull her doctor’s records this morning, to be sure.”

“I know you sleep with commoners. What about the ladies? Was she the first Royal to pull this on you?”

“Yes. She was the first Royal I’d even bedded in two years. We had a few flings in February, when I took her to some clubs and so forth. Then we hooked up at the Adamov Ball, and then I was too busy after that. But for the Inaugural Ball I wanted a Royal for show, so I thought of her first. Serves me right.”

“How do you check on the commoners?”

“I have the scan function of my wrist phone programmed with the unique shape of an implant. Sometime during the evening, when I have my arm around them, I check to see. If the light flashes yes, I turn it off and say it was just a notification of some sort, which, of course, is not a lie.” He snorted before turning up a grin. “But hey, you and Andrés?”

Anne shrugged. “He’s spent the night on my couch several times. I usually just message down to tell them when it happens. But since he will be here today as well as tomorrow, and since I’ve finished my part of the New Brittania assignment in Mother’s lab and have no more University classes, I figure I’m ready to start a new stage of my life. Though it is by no means certain, mind you. He just wants to have clothes handy for when we do take the leap. So I told him to bring an overnight bag, which will set off Sentinel if I don’t already have the notification in place.”

Brian nodded. “Do you love him?”

“He… fascinates me. At least as much as I do him. I had never had anyone in my life before like him. I don’t know if that is love or not.” She focused on Brian. “What do you think?”

He shook his head and warded her off with both hands. “Oh, no you don’t. I’ve never been in love. I’m not about to comment on a situation about which I know nothing.” He returned her stare. “What does Mother think?”

Anne laughed. “She thinks it’s high time I had some fun. Even gave me some pointers I don’t remember from the book. I wonder who has the book now?”

“Don’t ask me; I haven’t lived in the Palace for four years. I can get you another copy, if you like.”

“Sure.” She laughed again. “I can see myself, pouring over it with Andrés looking over my shoulder. It should provide a lot of inspiration.” After a beat, she returned to her original question. “So, why are you here?”

“What, I can’t just come tease you anymore?” Brian grinned at her frown but suddenly turned serious. “To tell the truth, when I heard you had him put on the list, I remembered Zhaiden’s breakdown when Renee was abducted. Do you want Sentinel to place a detail on Andrés?”

Anne fell silent for an entire minute before tears began creeping down her face. Brian slid to her side and took her hand. “What’s wrong, Annie?”

Looking up and into a distance, her voice wavered. “I guess I am as much a danger to him as he is to me, huh?”

He put his arm around her. “Well, yes, but that is true for all of us. And true for anyone we might meet. But that’s the purpose of Sentinel, to protect us all, so you might as well take advantage of it.”

Anne sniffed and nodded gravely. “I’ll tell him tonight. Will you be around if he has any questions?”

Hugging her to him, Brian assured her, “You bet.”

Copyright© Eva Caye. All rights reserved.

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Eva Caye
By Eva Caye August 13, 2013 23:14
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