Love’s Fool by Diamond Drake

Diamond Drake
By Diamond Drake April 1, 2013 22:34

Love’s Fool by Diamond Drake


Madeline Stiles is a beautiful, successful, independent, thirty-year-old who seems to have it all–but appearances can be deceiving. And when her sister Christa is left by her fiance on the way to their lavish wedding, the light begins to shine on just how unhappy the Stiles women really are. Both have demons from the past but Madeline’s keep her from moving forward in the area of love. Her obsession with a former lover leaves her even more heartbroken and desperate. And it’s that state of mind that often leads Madeline back into the arms of her on again, off again lover Sidney Reid–the man who loves her unconditionally despite how she treats him. Even when Madeline falls in love with someone else, Sidney can’t let her go and breaks a lot of hearts, including his own, in his quest to get her back.

Madeline’s friends Tamia, Avis, Raye Ann, and Deidra are just as unlucky in love and try desperately to navigate the pitfalls of dating and relationships while searching for that perfect someone. A daunting task in itself, but it’s made even more so by the fact that each of the women has a secret, one they’ll do anything to protect. It’s only at Avis’s 40th birthday party, the last place any of them suspect, that all of their secrets are exposed! Trust is broken and relationships are destroyed beyond repair. Will any of them be able to pick up the pieces after playing the role of . . . Love’s Fool?

According to the author, this book contains more than two words of profanity per page and descriptive writing about sexual acts between consenting adults.

The author has rated this book R (not suitable for those 17 and under).


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Madeline Stiles sat in The Oakland International Airport staring at her laptop trying desperately to ignore the useless chatter from her sister’s bridesmaids. Christa Stiles had been friends with the four of them since high school and she loved them dearly. Madeline, however, couldn’t stand them. She thought they were some of the most envious, untrustworthy women, none of whom deserved Christa’s devotion–especially her best friend Reesa. Madeline wanted to reach across her seat and slap the taste out of the woman’s mouth but she promised Christa that for the days leading up to her wedding, there would be no drama. She adored her older sister and would never do anything to ruin the most important time of her life. Even if it meant keeping her mouth shut while Reesa sat next to her complaining and acting as if the weekend was all about her.

“I still don’t know why Christa chose black for our dresses. I know people think it’s elegant but I think it’s morbid. We gone look like we at a funeral,” Reesa said, snapping her gum as she crossed her arms. “How long is this flight? And why we going to Memphis anyway? I thought the wedding was supposed to be in the bride’s hometown not the groom’s,” she huffed. “Oh, so don’t nobody hear me talking, huh? Whatever.” Reesa rolled her eyes and continued to pop her gum.

Madeline grit her teeth and turned up the volume on her MP3 player. She tried to ignore Reesa but the woman irritated her, both by talking and popping that gum. It was as if she got joy out of making other people miserable and starting drama. Reesa knew very well why Christa’s wedding was being held in Tennessee. She and her groom, Ellis Marshall, decided it was more sensible and economical to have their special day in his hometown instead of the Bay Area where they both lived. Ellis had twelve brothers and sisters as well as a host of family and friends that he wanted to attend the wedding. Madeline disagreed with her sister’s decision to change the location and told Christa not to give up her dream of getting married in the Oakland Hills to accommodate people who weren’t even supportive of her and Ellis’s relationship. Though despite how Madeline felt, she didn’t harp on it the way Reesa did. There was no point. Even if Christa regretted letting Ellis make so many major decisions while she made all the payments for their eighty-five thousand dollar event, it was too late now. They were minutes from boarding the plane to Memphis—to start Christa’s and Ellis’s wedding weekend.

“Hey,” Reesa said, as she waved her hand in front of Madeline’s face.

Madeline took a deep breath then removed the earphones from her MP3 player. “How can I help you?” she asked, coolly.

“We were all saying how beautiful Christa’s wedding is gonna be. Don’t you agree?”

Madeline didn’t hide her annoyance at being disturbed for such a ridiculous question. “If you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to confirming our reservations for the rehearsal dinner tomorrow night. Some people sit around talking about how beautiful things will be and others of us do the work to make sure they are,” she rolled her eyes and replaced her earphones.

“Who does this bitch think she is?” Reesa snorted, as she looked at the other bridesmaids and back at Madeline. She couldn’t stand the woman and took every opportunity she could to get under her skin. “Ole ugly self,” Reesa mumbled then chuckled slightly to herself. Madeline was a lot of things but ugly wasn’t one of them.

The thirty-year-old Black woman was naturally pretty with toasted almond skin and chocolate brown, doe eyes. Madeline’s smile lit up her entire face and added innocence to her round cheeks and pouty mouth. She was beautiful.

One night after a few drinks Christa confessed to Reesa how much she wished she looked like Madeline. It was as if her sister got all of Rodney and Evelyn Stiles’ best features and Christa got all of their flaws. Her eyes and nose were too big and her lips too thin. She spent hours each day applying makeup and doing everything she could to make herself more attractive when all Madeline had to do was wake up and she looked stunning. Christa, who was most often described as cute, stood at five-feet, three inches and had to count every calorie to keep her size-eight figure from ballooning back to a size fourteen. Madeline, on the other hand, ate everything she saw but hadn’t added a pound to her five-foot eight, size six frame since eighth grade.

Christa hated herself for feeling jealous of her sister. It wasn’t Madeline’s fault that she was beautiful. And contrary to her behavior, she wasn’t really a stuck-up, self-absorbed bitch who only cared about her looks. Madeline was one of the most loving, generous people Christa knew and she often encouraged her baby sister to let go of hurts from the past and open her heart to people. Unfortunately, Madeline was much more comfortable hiding behind the stuck-up, self-absorbed bitch persona she’d made for herself.

“Look, hoe, you ain’t gotta be rude!” Reesa snapped. “I’m trying to . . .”

“Oh my god, Christa!” Madeline shrieked, as she tossed her laptop on the seat beside her and rushed to her sister who came stumbling out of the restroom.

Reesa and the other bridesmaids rushed behind Madeline to find out what happened. Christa was crying hysterically with her hand over her heart and she looked seconds away from collapsing.

“Christa, baby, what’s wrong?” Madeline cried, holding her sister close. “Christa Belle, please,” she said after a few minutes passed with no explanation.

“Ellis . . .” Christa gasped.

“Oh god, what happened to Ellis,” Reesa asked.

“He . . . he called . . . he called off the wedding,” Christa finally said between breaths. She was close to hyperventilating.

“What?” all the women shouted.

Christa relinquished her cell phone to Madeline who silently read Ellis’s text. I COULD NEVER MARRY A WOMAN LIKE YOU!!!!

“What the fuck happened?” Reesa demanded after she snatched the cell phone out of Madeline’s hand and read it aloud.

The other bridesmaids were crying and asking how Ellis could do something so cruel—and through a text message of all things. Madeline, with tears streaming down her face, stared into her sister’s eyes. They both knew exactly why Ellis called off the wedding. It was something they feared could happen if he ever learned the truth.

“Stiles women don’t get the fairytale,” Christa said to her sister when the other ladies went to gather their things. “We don’t get the happily ever after.”

Madeline went to get her laptop and purse after Christa asked to be alone for a while. Reesa had a fit about how much she hated men and that none of them were any good.

“You know what? I’m gonna call Ellis’s ass and give him a piece of my mind because this is some bullshit,” she snapped then grabbed her cell phone and dialed the number. Reesa left a message as she walked away from the rest of the women.

“Humph, that’s interesting,” Madeline frowned. “Do any of you know Ellis’s number by heart?” she asked then watched the expressions on their faces grow suspicious.

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Diamond Drake
By Diamond Drake April 1, 2013 22:34
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