Lokians, Book 2: They Lurk Among Us by Aaron Dennis

Aaron Dennis
By Aaron Dennis March 3, 2013 02:48

Lokians, Book 2: They Lurk Among Us by Aaron Dennis


With aliens in Earth’s government only The Bureau can be trusted. An attack on an Yvlekesh lab, Lokian stem cells, Gray drones, a Non-Organic Alien Human Hybrid, a ruined relationship with Thewlian allies, and the capture of his parents by President Montrose has Riley on edge. As former Naval Captain of a special operations team, Riley O’Hara must figure a way to fight off an alien threat, discern the reason for alien hybrids, save his parents, and extinguish an alien threat coming to Earth. With a little help from new friends, old friends, and The Bureau, Riley and crew make some headway after receiving orders to capture a live Gray. Unfortunately, they due to unforeseen circumstances, the Thewlian Carrier has to bale when a Gray Teragon shows up. This forces Riley to make a snap decision, and he chooses to nab a strange robot off the enemy vessel. Back at Bureau HQ, the agents try to decipher just what this robot is, and what it knows.

The author has rated this book PG-13 (questionable content for children under 13).

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Riley relaxed against the far wall of the interrogation room. The agents spoke in hushed tones for a moment while Franklin prodded about the rear of the robot’s head. Though interested in new developments, Riley felt the wear of recent events settle in.

“So, explain to me what this thing is,” Franklin started.

Riley winced as he leaned forward away from the wall.

“Well, like I was saying, when we boarded the Betagon we found many Grays beaten to death,” Riley said.

The other agents stopped their whispering and listened attentively.

“Right,” Franklin remarked.

“When I reached the level of the ship where that thing was, I found it crushing a Gray in one hand. Then it turned on us with telekinetic abilities similar to the Grays. The strange part was it yelled. It said something like, what’s happening, like it was confused. Then some Grays swarmed it, so they were clearly trying to subdue it. Other than that, there isn’t much else to tell,” Riley finished nonchalantly.

“It seems like you guys gave it a sound thrashing,” Franklin remarked.

“I suppose…it was resistant to energy weapons, at least to some degree. After several plasma bursts and shotgun rounds it
finally fell, so I wrapped it up with the photon cables. Since we were under threat of the approaching Teragon, I figured I’d snag it and run,” Riley replied.

“Ah,” Franklin said victoriously.

Suddenly, the silvery skin on the robot’s head moved. Like mobile paneling, it slid away from the face to the neck, revealing several ports as well as it’s metallic, skeletal structure.

“Frea-ky,” Adams commented with a deadpan expression.

Riley looked at Adams and shook his head as he held back a smile.

“What do we have?” Riley asked.

“Let’s see,” Franklin said.

Franklin turned to his wrist communicator, a slightly larger apparatus than the norm, and pulled a short cable from the side. It looked like an HDMI cable. He plugged the male end into a port at the base of the robot’s skull.

“I’d like to try and reboot this thing. I find it strange that it spoke Human…much more strange that it spoke English,” Franklin stated calmly.

The surrounding agents nodded in agreement. Franklin pressed a few tiny buttons on a screen that flipped away from the rest of his wrist comm. Suddenly, the robot’s eyes darted about the room. It rocked violently in the chair, held in place only by the restraints. Hoover immediately produced a laser pistol from his jacket’s interior pocket, an angular, chrome gun.

“Not so fast, robot,” Hoover said gravely.

“Where am I?” the Robot asked.
The paneled skin was still pulled away from its face creating a very strange scenario, a talking, robot, skeleton-man. Franklin had hopped behind the robot when it moved to keep from coming unplugged.

“Settle down, robot. We have questions,” Adams said as he approached it.

The robot’s eyes moved to Adams’s prosthesis. While his arm was hidden by the jacket’s sleeve, the robotic hand was in plain
view. The robot kept a focused gaze for a second longer then shifted his glance about the room. Upon spotting Riley, it twitched a bit.

“Not your enemy, right now. Comply and we’ll keep you safe…I think,” Riley said with a shrug at the end.

“Do you know what you are?” Adams asked.

The robot returned its gaze to Adams.

“No,” it answered softly as it looked down.
The robot studied itself for a second as the agents all traded glances. Hoover put his gun away. The robot remained staring down at its hands. It slowly moved each finger. Riley kept his heavy eyes on it. Don’t want another telekinetic blast, do we? he thought.

“We recovered you from a Gray vessel, a Betagon. I understand you were attacking the Grays. Can you tell me where you came from or what you were doing there?” Adams asked.

The robot’s eyes shifted around for a few seconds.

“I…awoke there. I saw carnage. The Pseudo Exodermea…they tried to do something to me. I was frightened. They tried to move me, to control me with their minds. I discovered I had similar functions,” the Robot answered.

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Aaron Dennis
By Aaron Dennis March 3, 2013 02:48
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