Lokians, Book 1: Beyond the End of the World by Aaron Dennis

Aaron Dennis
By Aaron Dennis February 5, 2013 16:53

Lokians, Book 1: Beyond the End of the World by Aaron Dennis


The year is 2111. Planet Eon, an Earth-like planet, harbors alien beacons. After recovering the devices, the Humans of Earth Navy establish contact with a race of aliens called Thewls. These strange beings inform the Humans of an impending threat, the Lokians, an insect-like race of monsters that scour galaxy for advanced civilizations. Together, the Humans and Thewls join forces to search for another race of aliens simply called travelers. These elusive beings are purported to hold the key in driving back the Lokians, and saving the galaxy.

The author has rated this book PG-13 (questionable content for children under 13).

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“Break away!” the Admiral’s voice came in the pilots’ earpieces again.

“What now?” Sara yelled.

“Stay calm and listen to him,” the younger voice said.

“O.K.” Sara said quietly as she and the Thewl fighters scrambled to brake off.

The enemy fighters followed the transporters. They massed about the Thewl Carrier creating a full dome around the massive ship. In response, the Admiral gave orders to fire the arc laser. The Thewl fighters eased away to avoid friendly fire. The white beam spiraled cutting through the Lokians like a hot laser knife through bug butter. Determined and single minded, the Lokians held firm.

They kept firing at the Carrier. The field generators started overloading under the pressure of attack. While the field itself did not take damage, the generating components were frying from angry red beams. A few patches shut down and the vessel started taking surface damage.

The bridge was alive with buzzing sounds and flashing lights.

“Admiral! We’re taking damage,” a Thewl screamed.

Admiral Yew took the broad speaker, “All hands ordered to the center-most decks aboard the ship. We’re taking some fire but we’re giving back double!”

The external decks were designed to operate with lockouts. This not only conserved power but saved lives. Outside those lockout systems the arc laser continued to shred through the enemy as the friendly fighters kept their distance.

“Absolutely brilliant,” Sara said amazed.

After a moment the arc laser powered down.

“Engage men!” the coordinator ordered.

Sara nodded to herself. She moved in as she fired. Below her, on the cannon deck, a Thewl let loose his own blasts when he found the opportunity to hit an enemy transporter. Still, the battle raged on as the Thewl fighters concentrated their fire on the small Lokians killing three, four, and sometimes five at a time. Rapidly, the enemy dwindled in numbers and power. Suddenly they disbanded, hurling themselves towards the planet.

“They’re fleeing? No. They’re engaging the ground crew,” Sara yelled.

“Stay calm, Human.” The coordinator replied.

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Aaron Dennis
By Aaron Dennis February 5, 2013 16:53
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