Katrina Gurl

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Katrina Gurl

Katrina’s Bio:

Many events have taken place in her life since Katrina Gurl published her first novel, The Balcony View Revisited.

In her mid-thirties, Katrina had a desire to write love stories that readers would fall in love with…realistic love stories! In 2009, Katrina’s dream came true. Thanks to her readers, she has fallen even more in love and dedicated to writing.

Now that her life seems to have finally settled down, Katrina says she is more than ready to complete her next book of short stories. She says they will be just as romantic, seductive and alluring as the first book of stories, and they will be filled with erotica and twists of fate.

Katrina would like to thank all those who support her writing. She says, “It literally means the world to me.”

Someone once asked Katrina what it felt like to be a published author, and this was her reply: “I feel free, witty and ecstatic that my words have the power to capture one’s attention.”

Katrina Gurl is a relationships coach, a wife and a mother of four grown-up children who lives in sunny California.

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Kit Kat's Coaching Guide: Learning to Protect your Marriage by Katrina Gurl on the Independent Author Index

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