Hearts on Fire by Regina Puckett

Regina Puckett
By Regina Puckett February 23, 2013 13:20

Hearts on Fire by Regina Puckett


This story begins with a gorgeous guy dressed as Santa and a woman who has sworn off love. Have you ever wanted someone to look at you and see who you really are? That’s all Jordan has ever wanted, so when she meets Samuel and the sparks fly, it’s easy to become lost in the depths of his beautiful blue eyes. While she fights this attraction, Samuel is going to have to convince her that he sees her…really sees her.

The author has rated this book PG (not necessarily suitable for children).


“You’re going to be free on Christmas Day? What about your family? Won’t they be expecting you?”

Tomorrow was Christmas. That could be a problem, but it didn’t have to be if he worded his invitation the right way. “They are expecting me for lunch, but they would love meeting you. You have to eat. I have to eat. Why don’t we eat together at my parents’ house tomorrow?” It didn’t sound quite as smoothly spoken as it had in his head, but she was still smiling so he took that as a good sign.

“Are you sure you want to take me to a family function? You know how mothers are. You take a date home for something as personal as a Christmas celebration and they will immediately assume it’s a serious relationship.”

Samuel reached out and tugged her hand into his. He grinned. “It is a serious relationship. I’ve had my arms around you. Your head has been in my lap. I think things are progressing along nicely.”

That pulled a laugh from her. “You may be a little crazy. I just noticed that about you.”

He squeezed her fingertips. “Well, you have been a little busy, you know. Choking. Trying to breathe. When you are struggling like that, it makes difficult to notice a little thing like me being crazy. I admit it’s not every day I steal a girl’s breathe away.” He glanced at his watch. “I believe all of that drama adds up to about four dates so technically we’re on our fifth date now. It’s pretty normal to ask a girl to meet your parents on the fifth date. I think it’s a great idea to give my mom a little hope that I’m in a serious relationship. That’s what Christmas is all about isn’t it, giving your mom a little hope?”

She covered her mouth to try and repress a giggle. “It’s official. You are crazy.”

“So that’s a ‘yes’ to spending Christmas Day at my parents’?”

In spite of having her mouth covered, the giggle slipped out. “I think I have to. I have to see who raised you.”

Samuel playfully tugged her closer. “You think I was raised by wolves or something?”

A pretty blush flushed her cheeks. “I thought there might be that possibility.”

He touched the bottom of her chin. “Mom’s going to love you.”

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Regina Puckett
By Regina Puckett February 23, 2013 13:20
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