Engulfed: In the Past by Jennifer L. Kane

Jennifer L. Kane
By Jennifer L. Kane April 18, 2012 21:34

Engulfed: In the Past by Jennifer L. Kane


Six years ago Jane Jameson’s family was attacked, her mother was murdered, their house was ruined and Jane was left mute. Life has gone on. Her father has remarried, they have moved to a castle that would inspire the thought of romance and daring knights to most. But Jane is still stuck in the night that ruined her voice and her peace. Haunted endlessly by nightmares of her mother’s death and her father’s suffering Jane can find no rest at all. Jane is no longer a child and the matters of the world begin to weigh upon her as well and she welcomes it gladly as a distraction fearing for her own sanity in the face of endless nightmares and silent frustration. As an untrustworthy neighbor plots and schemes against Jane and her stepmother endlessly advises her of ways to better herself Jane finds much to keep her mind busy during the daylight hours. But things become far too exciting when strange travelers, poison and her own past come into play. After striving to move on for so long what is Jane to do when the past becomes her present and Jane must stand alone against the monster of her nightmares.

The author has rated this book PG-13 (questionable content for children under 13).

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“Master Jameson sir.” The horseman Philip yells. “Quickly get him out. Oh Mistress Sophia. You poor woman.”

Braking wood and the yell of an unknown man.

“Get him out he’s still alive she’s not.” Griffen ordered.

She couldn’t scream. She couldn’t even breath.

Steps and a dragging sound.


It was getting really hot.

She bangs on the lid of the chest.

Let me out.

Let me out.


Let me out.

So much smoke. The lid is too heavy.

She put her feet against the lid and pushed with all her might.

Creak, thump.

Creak, thump.

No more then an inch before it fell back closed.


She walks her feet up the lid til they are over her chest and.



Something wetdripped onto her cheek.

Then the lid flew up and something heavy fell in. She screamed then. It was a corpse that had once been her mother. She climbed out from under her.

The image of those empty blue eyes stayed with her even as she turned away.

There was fire everywhere. Even her mother was ablaze! She sobbed as she tried to cross to the window but a flaming beam fell from the ceiling in front of her. She stumbled back.



“NOOO!” She screams.

She stumbled toward the door the floor in front of it was ablaze but she had to try. Even before then she had been gasping for air. But it just seemed to be less and less of it. As she ran through the flames she couldn’t help but to scream then fell into a terrible coughing fit. That’s when it happened.

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Jennifer L. Kane
By Jennifer L. Kane April 18, 2012 21:34
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    I thought the book was great cant wait for the next one

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