Do you suffer from cyber schizophrenia?

Faydra Deon
By Faydra Deon January 29, 2014 00:49

Do you suffer from cyber schizophrenia?

Independent Authors!

Do you realize that if you’re going to be successful at self-publishing you have to think of yourself as a brand, especially you indie authors who depend on eBook sales as the driving force to get your work in front of readers?

Please tell me that you have noticed that best-selling authors use the same name on all their books and try to do the same on their websites and social media networks.

If you’re using several pen names, then ignore this post.

However, if you’re trying to “make it” as yourself, then you can’t have all these split personalities all over the web.

How do you expect to build a loyal following if readers aren’t sure who they’re following?

On your first book, you’re John Francis Doe.

On your second book, you’re J.F. Doe.

On your third book, you’re J. Francis Doe.

On your fourth book, you’re J.F.D.

On Twitter, you’re @jfrickydizzo

On Facebook, you’re John “WritingLikeItsGoingOutOfStyle” F. Doe 4-Sho

Your website URL is:, and the title of the site is “From the Pen of J.F. Doe.


You may think this is an over-exaggeration, but I deal with authors on the Index and my other book promotion sites, and I see this time and time again.

Pick a name and stick with it, just like you do in the real world.

Do your debit/credit cards and/or checks show different names?

Does your car title show one name and your lease/mortgage show a different name that’s also different from the name on your social security card?

Do you have several different IDs that show several different names, and you’re not a con artist? 😉

If you answered no to all my questions, and you appear to be someone different in all the different places you appear on the web, then you’re committing social media suicide and you come off as a cyber schizophrenic.

As I mentioned before, this is not the best practice for an author trying to build  a loyal following and/or trying to become a bestseller.

You really should consider trying to bring all these fragmented figures together until they resemble the you that you want to present to your readers.

Faydra Deon
By Faydra Deon January 29, 2014 00:49
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