Do you know where your book is?

Faydra Deon
By Faydra Deon May 19, 2013 15:48

Do you know where your book is?

One of the benefits to authors who join the Index is that they can have all the places where their books are being sold listed for each book.

On the Join As An Author form, I list 34 online book-selling sites that authors can check off to let me know their books are listed there.

It almost never fails that most authors check the same three vendors: Amazon, Barnes & Noble and/or Smashwords/iTunes/Createspace.

Then when I’m doing my thing, and searching all the sites the authors didn’t check off, I usually find their books listed on at least seven to fiften more sites than they didn’t checked off.

Why don’t I just take the authors’ word for it instead of searching all the sites myself? For two reasons:

  1. I want readers to have all the choices possible about where they can purchase the books they want to read.
  2. It seems that many authors have no clue that their books are listed on other sites besides the ones they check off.

How’s that possible? Good question.

It seems that a lot of the time, authors publish with certain sites, like Createspace or Smashwords or one of the vanity presses, and they have no idea that these sites are partnered with other sites to list the authors’ books.

For example…

I wonder how many authors know that The Book Depository is a site that was acquired by Amazon?

What about the Createspace Expanded Distribution service, which states that your book published with them will be made available to sites like Barnes & Noble and through distributors like Ingram? Read more about expanded distribution here.

What about the fact that if you publish on AmazoniTunes or Kobo in your region that they will list your books on their sites for other regions?

What about used/out-of-print bookstore sites like Alibris?

You get the point, right?

I haven’t found an online book vendor that actually lists all the places they distribute authors’ books, but that’s no excuse for authors not knowing what sites their books are listed on, especially when there are search sites like Google and Bing.

My suggestion…

Every month or so, authors should run the titles of their books through the popular search engines, and some of the not-so-well-known search engines, like Dogpile, and click through about the first 15 pages to see where their books are showing up.

This is important information to know for four reasons:

  1. Those other sites might show reader reviews that can help you determine if readers are saying good or bad things about your writing.
  2. The site that distributed your book to other online vendor sites will show up as your publisher, and you’ll know how it got there.
  3. You can make sure your readers know that they have other choices of where they can purchase your book(s).
  4. Although totally unrelated to what vendor sites their books are listed on, authors may find that bloggers have listed and reviewed their books on their sites.


Do you know where your book is?

Faydra Deon
By Faydra Deon May 19, 2013 15:48
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  1. Catana Tully September 6, 19:34

    What a great tip, Faydra! I spent a lot of time following various pages where my book was posted, and much to my shock found a site that offers my ebook in pdf format for free!!! That’s shocking. Still, it was your suggestion to check dogpile! Thanks!

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    • Faydra Deon Author September 6, 20:12

      Thanks for reading! I think several authors would be surprised where they would find their books if they take the time to search for them.

      Google Books has a lot of authors’ books on their site in full PDF format, and many authors don’t know that.

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  2. Modayvia October 6, 09:35

    Thanks so much. You’ve reminded me. I did this on google a while back, and been swamped with so much other stuff that it skipped my mind to redo it. You’re great Fay.

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