Did you know Amazon has a Kindle Indie Bookstore?

Faydra Deon
By Faydra Deon June 24, 2013 16:22

Did you know Amazon has a Kindle Indie Bookstore?

Kindle Indie Bookstore

Yes, I just found out about it today.

I have several books published through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), and I stumbled on this information while searching for help with something else.

According to the information I read, Amazon features “top selling, popular and high quality books from independent authors and publishers who publish using KDP” in the Kindle Indie Bookstore.

Amazon defines “indie” as “…anything cool, creative and different.”

How can you be featured?

Sell a lot, get popular and have high-quality eBooks.

Amazon doesn’t accept requests for the Kindle Indie Bookstore. Their editors decide who gets featured.

Oh, yes! You also have to publish in one of the seven (only) categories included in the Kindle Indie Bookstore:

(I wonder how many indie authors will begin to (or already have) mis-categorize their eBooks just to try to get noticed? Oh, well, that’s not what this post is about, is it?)

What else? Oh, yes!

There are also categories for New Releases and Top-Rated Books.


The list of “top selling, popular and high quality books” in the Kindle Indie Bookstore i updated hourly, so we’ve all got 24 chances each day to get featured. 😀

Learn more here.

Faydra Deon
By Faydra Deon June 24, 2013 16:22
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  1. Richard Abbott June 25, 07:48

    Ah, no historical fiction section then! Guess Amazon overlooked that genre…

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    • Faydra Deon Author June 25, 15:51

      Actually, they didn’t overlook it. According to their FAQ, they picked the seven genres that are available because they are the most popular.

      They say they may add more later, but who knows if Historical Fiction will be one of them.

      Thanks for reading! 😀

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