Daydreams by Rakeiya “Daydreamer” Bowden

Rakeiya Bowden
By Rakeiya Bowden March 9, 2012 23:38

Daydreams by Rakeiya “Daydreamer” Bowden


Daydreams, is a collection of poems written over the past three years. These poems speak of the many dimensions of life, from love to pain, to racism. They explore life from a different prospective, allowing one to see life through someone else’s eyes. I was inspired to be the voice of my generation and to express how many of my peers feel about their lives and the world around them. These poems tell the stories of my generation, my city, and my ancestry. Despite all the many obstacles we experience in life, one must never forget to dream. For dreams are the beginnings of movements and revolutions. With a vision anything is possible. So, what’s in your dreams?


See you

closed eyes
allows for the most intimate vision
seeing your soul completely
for if i,
open my eyes drops of lust’s moisture may burn them
causing blurred perceptions of you,
of us,
of this

for i see you,
and you are delicate,
delicately beautiful
my heart reads you
and she says “you’re alright”
and she rarely likes anyone…

for i’ve played the game for so long
that i never allow my heart, mind, and body to converse
no ménage trois
no meetings in the temple
just solitary thoughts
allowing only one element to surface at a time

but it gets lonely sometimes
so i’m closing my eyes
hoping to see you for the first time
no clothes,
no swag,
no lines,
just you
walking nakedly into your zone
trying to figure out if i could dine here
or get lost here
climbing across my ocean of loneliness to kiss the lips of life,
only hoping you will bring peace to my life,

only wishing to get lost within your spirit
lost with in your love
and allow myself to feel you mind, body and soul…
and dance on love’s cliff,
cause see i’m ready to live for this,

loving the way you feel real within my hands
as i rub them blindly against your chest
hoping you will be the Braille that reads just right

closed eyes
allow for truth to be felt
no perceptions
just interjections of feelings
feelings of us
minus simple feelings of lust
multiplied by spiritual readings within the temples of us
as i paint beautiful reflections of what you mean to me,
the present gift of you,
standing selflessly beside

Copyright© Rakeiya “Daydreamer” Bowden. All rights reserved.

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Rakeiya Bowden
By Rakeiya Bowden March 9, 2012 23:38
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