The Choice by Tanya R Simon

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The Choice by Tanya R Simon


There has only ever been one real fight between good and evil. All the rest, have been distraction and delusion.

Satan started the war between good and evil when He and all who followed him fought to oust God. From the moment he fell he has been fighting battle after battle, and he intends to win this time.

Mystery Williams is a college student with big dreams and no clue that from her first breath she has been Satan’s most sought after prize in this battle. Then one night her father is killed and her world implodes. The protection spell that had been keeping her hidden and her powers bound comes crashing down and so does everything she believes in.

Mystery tries to do what she knows in her heart is good; she teams up with those who are fighting Satan. She uses her newfound powers to wage war against the forces of darkness. Her choice seems so easy until…

Mystery discovers Satan is her grandfather, and his Roodmasi have kidnapped her son. Whispers tell her if she just comes back to the Roodmasi, she can be with her son and her people; the world will go on as it has for millennia.

Everything but her heart knows this is a lie.

According to prophecy, if Mystery stays with good and fights, Satan will not be able to ascend. If she does not go to the Roodmasi, they will kill her to prevent her turning against them. And they will kill her son. If Mystery goes to them and they have been lying to her, she will set in motion the events that will plunge the world into permanent darkness.

According to the author, this book contains descriptive writing about sexual acts between consenting adults.

The author has rated this book R (not suitable for those 17 and under).



Raevanne put her head in her husband’s lap and watched the fireplace burn. Cain ran his fingers through her long red hair. She rubbed her cheek on his jeans and continued to watch the flames. Dante her husband’s huge hell hound sighed and with a grumble, he placed his paw on her leg and nudged her with his nose, she absent-mindedly stroked his head.

“What are you thinking about so hard?”  Cain pushed her hair back so he could see her face.

“I was wondering what Melusine is doing right this moment. Was she thinking of me?  Does someone love her, the way you love me?”  Cain could hear the longing in her voice.

“I wish I knew. For if I knew even that much, I could bring her home to us.”  Raevanne sat up and seeing the misery in her husband’s midnight blue eyes, she stroked his cheek. He kissed her fingers and continued, “We are running out of time. Father wants us to start preparing the way for the Ascension, if our daughter is not home, Father will order her death, just in case the prophecy might come to pass.”

Raevanne’s green eyes grew in alarm. “He’ll wait until the Ascension is at hand, won’t he?”

Cain stroked her cheek to soothe her. “Yes, my love. He will give us until the day before. And she will be home to us by then. Have faith.”  Raevanne laid her head back in his lap. Dante nudged his head under her hand to offer his comfort, and she stroked it.

“Raevanne, Father has told me of the work ahead.”  He took a deep breath. “It will be a dangerous time for our people.”

“Why?” Raevanne nuzzled in closer to Cain.

“In the first year, Father will require five sacrificial gifts to be sent to him. Each must go willingly, and each gift’s body must be found. In the second year, he will require the Roodmas gifts be left to be found.”

“We cannot. The trail might lead the police back to us!”  Raevanne sat up and gawked at Cain. “We have always operated in secrecy, unless we were punishing and we have always been careful we could not be tracked. Fifteen bodies, will undoubtedly lead the cops right to our people!”

“ It is the Master’s will. The humans will know Satan’s time is at hand. In the third year, the Roodmasi will take over the governments of the world, creating chaos and destruction. His armies will march the streets executing the false god’s followers. On Samhain of the third year, Father’s troops will war with the angels and when the angels lose, Father will ascend to the Heavenly Throne and the Roodmasi will inherit the Earth.”  Cain’s eyes glowed as he thought of the glorious future.

“It makes me nervous to expose our people, when we have spent millennia keeping ourselves in the shadows.”  Raevanne took her husband’s angelic face in her long slender hands.

“However, if it is the Master’s will, I will follow his wishes. When do we begin?”  Raevanne squeezed her husband’s hands.

“I have selected the first gift. When she is prepared we will send her to Father.”  Cain gathered her up and kissed her deeply.

Raevanne moaned and kissed him back. She let her hands roam over his tightly muscled torso. She unfastened his pants and slid her hand in so she could touch him. She swallowed his moan and slowly licked her way up his jaw to nibble on his earlobe. Cain groaned as she moved her tongue down his neck and upper chest, she stopped and flicked her tongue over his nipples. His head fell back as her tongue trailed down his abdomen. He reached for her hand and she pushed his hands away and pulled down his pants, freeing him. She flicked her tongue across the tip of his shaft, and she lightly sucked at his scrotum. Raevanne rolled her eyes up and when Cain’s eyes met hers she swallowed him whole. His eyes lost focus as the candles lighting the room winked out.

The next morning, Raevanne slipped out of bed and went to shower. She stepped out and dried herself off while singing in a rich contralto voice about her funny valentine. She smoothed spicy scented crème over her alabaster skin and covered herself in a green hooded cloak, which matched her eyes. She smiled at her husband’s still sleeping form and crept from her chamber. Raevanne padded barefoot down the curved rock corridor and down the steps made from stone hundreds of years before she was born.

She entered a huge cavern room filled with hundreds of cloaked people, each bowed as she passed. She stood on the raised stone dais in the middle of the room and the crowd became silent. Raevanne raised her hands palms up and lowered her head.

“Master, we your children praise you.”  The nine black candles on the altar behind her lit.

“Hosanna Satanas!” the crowd yelled in praise.

“To Lucifer, the light-bringer, ruler of the Northern Kingdom we call and ask you aid us in our work for the Master this day.” The three purple candles on the Northern end of the altar flared to life.

“Hosanna, Satanas!”  Her people yelled.

Raevanne turned to her right, her hands still raised and cupped to receive. “To Aguares, Breath of Death, ruler of the Eastern Kingdom, we call and ask you aid us in our work for the Master this day.”  The three white candles on the eastern side of the altar flared to life.

“Hosanna, Satanas!”  Her people yelled.

Raevanne turned to her right again, hands raised. “To Belial, Lord of Lust, ruler of the Southern kingdom, we call and ask you aid us in our work for the Master this day.”  The three red candles on the southern side of the altar flared to life.

“Hosanna, Satanas!”

Raevanne turned to her right, her arms still raised her eyes closed, her head bowed. “To Leviathan, Great Serpent of the Seas, ruler of the western kingdom, we call and ask you aid us in our work for the Master this day.”  The three blue candles on the western side of the altar flared to life.

“Hosanna, Satanas!”

Raevanne lowered her hands and knelt. Everyone in the room knelt and lowered their heads.

“Father, Master Satan, we your children will now spend a quiet moment in prayer with you, so you may know the desires of our hearts.” The nine black candles in the center of the altar flared.

Hundreds of candles glittered in a rainbow of hair colors, flickering their kneeling shadows on the rough cavern walls. After several minutes, Raevanne raised her head and said, “Nema.”

“Nema.”  Her people repeated.

They all stood.

“If you have heard and will aid us, please, Grand Dukes take the flames of our offering.”

One by one the purple, white, red, and blue candles popped out.

“If we, your children, have pleased you Master, please take the flames of our offering.”

The nine black candles popped out.

“Hosanna, Satanas!”  They said in unison.

“You are dismissed my people go about the Master’s work.”  Raevanne smiled.

“Yes, my Shivana.”  Her people answered as they scurried about to do their duties. They each had tasks to perform to make the aerie function, to clean, to cook, to do dark work, to make the world a better place for the Master to ascend to.

Raevanne stepped down from the dais and going up another set of stairs, she went to her office and set about her day as the leader of her people.

A few hours later, there was a knock on the ancient wooden door of her office chamber.

“Come in.”  Raevanne said distractedly as she studied the stock report for this month.

A huge man, with bulging muscles and a shiny baldhead, ducked under the doorframe and bowed at the desk.

“Rise, Malcolm. What is it?”

“My Shivana, the first sacrificial gift is here. Cain brought her to my dungeon a few moments ago.”

Raevanne smiled. “Move her to a cell and arrange for her to sleep. I will see to her later.”

“Yes, my Shivana.”  He bowed and left the room.

Raevanne wondered if the girl was a child of the false god. She hoped so, they were so much fun to break.

Chloe Welchel slowly opened her eyes, hoping her head wouldn’t explode once they were open. She let out a low moan as the pain in her head echoed and spread down her neck and into her back and shoulders. Chloe fought back nausea from the pain and slowly turned her head to see where she was. She found a rock room with a wooden door; moisture glistened on the walls of the room in the candlelight. The only other furniture in the room was a chair at the foot of the bed. Taking a deep breath, Chloe tried to sit up and found her wrists were chained to the bedpost.

Panic threatened to rob her of her reason, but she fought to think past it. Whoever had taken her had an agenda or she would already be dead. She took two deep breaths and closed her eyes and prayed God would give her the strength and the wisdom to get out of this alive, he would comfort her parents and give them hope she would return to them. She ended her prayer as the door to the room opened and the most beautiful woman she had ever seen walked into the room. For some reason she couldn’t understand, the serenity on the woman’s face scared her more than the room or the chains. Chloe swallowed and met the woman’s eyes.

“I am Raevanne, Shivana of the Roodmasi.”  Raevanne sat in the chair and smiled at Chloe.

“What do you want? Why am I here?”  Chloe asked in a steady voice.

“Good. You show no fear. I admire courage.” Raevanne smiled her serene smile again.

“Why am I here?” Chloe wasn’t taken in by the smile.

“You are here to be a gift to the Master.”

“You mean Satan, don’t you?”

“Yes dear, of course, who else would be worthy of being called Master?  Certainly not your false god.”

“He is not false. He is the one true, living God. I will take him over your ‘master” any day.” Chloe said with a sneer.

“Oh breaking you shall be fun.” Raevanne’s smile became evil and smug. “And break you I will.”

Chloe bowed her head and began praying ignoring Raevanne’s presence. She winced when Raevanne grabbed her long brown hair and pulled her head back.

“No one ignores me! “ Raevanne said through her perfect teeth.

“God bless you, may God forgive your sins.” Chloe said serenely.

Raevanne let go, laughing softly. “I will see you in three days.”  She went to the door. “Some time alone with the spiders and your thoughts, might soften you up.”  Raevanne walked out the door.

“What are your orders, my Shivana?”  Malcolm asked quietly as Raevanne stepped out.

“No food, no human contact for three days.” Raevanne closed her eyes and focused on something only she could see. “You should be able to began conditioning at that time.”

“Yes, my Shivana.”

As Raevanne walked down the hall, she smiled, Chloe would be a challenge, and she did so love challenges.

Felicity Ramirez, smiled as she looked over at her short, spunky partner Mary Kate Ballard, Mary Kate was letting the uniforms who had been guarding their crime scene have it, because they had left the scene and gone across the street to get some coffee. Even though, they swore they had been watching the scene the entire time, it compromised the integrity of the scene and the diminutive detective wasn’t letting it go.

“I don’t care if you left your eyeballs here while you went across the street, you broke procedure and compromised the crime scene, and any defense lawyer is going to have a field day with your slip up! We could end up letting these sickos back on the street, because you just couldn’t wait for a cup of joe! I am reporting this incident to your commanding officer and I am going to make damn sure it goes in your jackets! Now get out of my sight!”  Mary Kate took several breathes and counted to ten twice. When she looked up she saw the officers getting in their squad car, and she bent her head and her long, black bangs fell over her murderous expression, and she counted to twenty. This time when she looked up they were out of sight. She walked under the yellow crime scene tape and looked at the symbol scrawled on the wall in the blood of the victims’. She turned tortured hazel eyes on her partner. “This doesn’t feel right even to me.”

Felicity’s brown eyes became unfocused as she stared at the mark on the wall. In her mind’s eye she saw a murky picture of a hooded figure painting the symbol. She tried to bring it clearer, but the residual magick in the area made it impossible.

“It is the same group, but their magick is so powerful, I can’t get a clear picture of them. All I see is a cloaked figure painting the symbol, same as all the other times. The stench of their evil hangs in the air long after they have gone. I think this was a punishment of some kind, these four kids, saw or did something they shouldn’t have and the cult punished them for it. The coroner said they were alive for most of the torture, and they were mutilated, this is definitely a warning to others to leave this group alone.”

“Felicity, am I right, this is different than the other scenes? There is more malice and less control, these killings are almost animalistic. At the other sites, the throats were slit after they were beaten; they used the blood of the victims to paint the mark. This time there were pieces of the victims everywhere. Why was what these four did more punishable than the other times?”

Felicity held her hand over the bloodstain where the main piece of one of the bodies had laid; she closed her eyes and winced at the pain, suffering and fear left behind. She stood and went to the symbol, she placed her hand close to it, and her mind flooded with visions of horror and terror. She rubbed her hand on her jeans, and turned back to her partner and best friend. “You are right this is very different, just between you and me, I don’t think this was done by a human assailant, I think it was done by demonic forces. This group wouldn’t have summoned demons, unless the kids did something extremely insulting or risked leading us to them.”

“Demons?”  Mary Kate said not in disbelief, but in fear.

“Lower level, violent, mostly animalistic, no human thoughts like containment or hiding. These are beings which exist to kill and revel in their work, they are brutal, and as you could see from the body pieces, they are always in the market for skin to cover their wounds.”  Felicity put her hand on her partner’s shoulder, to comfort her. “Since we are so clueless as to who they are we are perfectly safe from the demons attacking us.”

“I want to change their minds. I mean I don’t want to be clueless anymore. I want these bastards, demons or not.”

“Me too. I can feel something big coming, and these people are right in the middle of it.

“Let’s go back to the station and start trying to figure out who they are, and what they might do next.”  Mary Kate sighed, they had been trying for years to figure this puzzle out and they were getting nowhere.

“You go ahead, I am going to go and visit a friend of mine, who might have some information for me. I had a dream the other night I think has something to do with this group, she’s checking out some of the symbols and names I saw and heard in the dream.”

“Okay, I’ll see you back at the station later.”  Mary Kate turned and headed towards her SUV.

“Yep.”  Felicity said as she walked to her black hybrid sedan.

Raevanne sashayed her way down the corridor, which led to the prisoners’ chambers, she was looking forward to round two, with the rude, little brat. She had spent a week in Malcolm’s tender care, and had only been given moldy bread and sour wine to eat. Stopping outside the girl’s chamber door, she sought out the brat’s thoughts and was surprised to see she was praying, asking the false god to forgive her captors and open their hearts and minds to his teachings. Raevanne laughed at the thought, she only worshipped where she respected and the false god and his puppet son were not worthy of her respect. Pushing her long red tresses back over shoulder, she gently opened the door and stepped into the room. She gasped as an unseen force pushed her back towards the door, enraged she focused and pushed through the protection prayer had made around the girl.

“So, you still think, your god is going to save you?”  Raevanne asked as she sat on the foot of the bed.

“I know God will save me from your evil.”  Chloe said peacefully.

“This god who is going to save you, has let us torture you for almost two weeks now, and he has done nothing to stop it.”  Raevanne smiled patiently. “He has no power here, he can do nothing to save you from your fate. All your stubbornness can purchase you is more pain. Accept the True God and you will know peace and love.”  Raevanne shook her perfect head. “Cling to your misplaced faith and there will be nothing but pain, no salvation, your god is impotent, he allows his children to suffer. My God wraps his followers in love and belonging, they never hunger, they never want. Your god allows Malcolm to play with you in his workroom, he allows your cheeks to grow gaunt with hunger, and sores to form on your skin from the bites of the spiders who share your chamber.”  Raevanne stood and walked to the door. “Think on this while Malcolm shows you the delights of the rack.”  She stepped back and her huge bodyguard came in. “the rack Malcolm, until confession or unconsciousness, salt the wounds.”

“Yes, my Shivana.”  Malcolm went to the girl and threw her over his shoulder, ducking as he left the room with the utterly still girl.

Raevanne closed the chamber door and strolled down the hall towards her office, she stopped and waited. She smiled malevolently as the first scream rent the air. Content, she continued down the hall, she had tons of work to do today.

Cain sat in his father’s throne room and waited for his father to return, he was settling a dispute between Aguares and Leviathan as to who got the souls and flesh from the spoils of Katrina. Aguares claimed they should be hers, because without her wind, there could not have been a hurricane. Leviathan claimed they were his, because without the water, the flood could not have happened and there would not have been such a bounty of souls to claim.

His father entered the room, shaking his head. He smiled when he saw his son. “They fought continually in Heaven and all these centuries later they are still fighting.”

“So, what did you decide?”  Cain asked in amusement.

“Half and half, neither would have been as successful without the other. They grumbled, but agreed.”  He turned his glowing red eyes on Cain. “Why are you here?”

“We are having trouble with the gift, she will not turn.”

“Kill her and acquire another.”

“Yes, Father.”

“Tell your beautiful wife, I said hello.”  Satan said in dismissal.

“I will. Bye, Father.”

“Goodbye, my son.”

Satan watched his son walk away and thought to himself; perhaps Cain had been with the humans too long. He searched his son’s thoughts and was pleased to find no weaknesses, save his love for his child. Satan accepted the weakness as part of his son and knew it was nothing to worry over, for when she was found if she could not be brought around to the Infernal way of thinking she would be destroyed and despite his love for the child, Cain would kill her without remorse if ordered to.

Satan smiled a smug, satisfied smile. Soon, very soon, he would have what was rightfully his, and Cain and the Roodmasi would help him get it. He scratched his belly, and summoned a succubus, he was hungry in more ways than one.

Upon returning to the aerie, Cain sought out his wife, and found her hard at work on the financial reports from the other covens, a delicate frown on her face. He allowed his love for her take him to her and smiled as she glanced up, her green eyes unfocused. A smile spread across her features and made her eyes twinkle, she was always glad to see him. And with the difference in time between the Earthly plane and the Infernal, he had been gone three days this time, in her opinion, way too long.

“Cain!” she ran to him and jumped up, wrapping her legs around him.

 “My love.” He lowered his head and kissed her, holding her to him. After a few moments, he remembered the Master’s orders regarding the gift, and reluctantly let Raevanne slide down his body and stepped back.

“OH!” Raevanne shouted in dismay. “What did the Master say?  What is important enough I have to wait to have you?”

Cain chuckled. “He advises us to dispose of the current prisoner and acquire another girl, who will be easier to change.”

“Damn. It was just getting interesting. Malcolm used hot coals this morning.” Raevanne laughed a musical laugh. “She actually cussed at him.” Her eyes twinkled. “She is starting to weaken.”

Cain chuckled. He knew how much his wife loved a challenge. “None the less, we have no more time to devote to her. I will acquire another gift tonight, have Malcolm dispose of the current one.”  Cain stroked her hair. “Or you can do the honors, if you would rather.”

“Oh, I’d rather!” Raevanne purred.

Business taken care of, Cain grabbed his wife and pulled her to him, kissing her until her eyes lost their focus. “Now where were we?”  He asked as he lowered her to the floor.

Raevanne hummed softly as she walked down the prisoners’ corridor, she paused outside the door of the brat who would not turn and pushed into her thoughts. She was bored to find her still praying, although now the prayers were for herself, instead of her captors. Raevanne opened the door and stepped inside. Chloe looked up at her and steeled herself for what was to come. Raevanne walked to her and stroked her cheek. She laughed when Chloe pulled away.

“Your time to suffer is at an end, Chloe. We are releasing you. You’ve won, your faith is too strong for us to erode, so we are going to send you home.” Raevanne’s full lips pulled into a pout. “No one else has ever managed to hold out so long, your god is sure to reward your faith and loyalty.”

Chloe’s eyes grew wide with hope, tears slid down her cheeks as she thought of seeing her parents and sisters again. “You mean I am free to go?”

“Yes, you can go.”

Chloe stood and began walking towards the door, a sense of dread filled her so, she turned and watched Raevanne as she slowly backed her way to the door. Raevanne smiled, her scary, serene smile. Chloe turned to look behind her, expecting to see the mountainous Malcolm waiting behind her. She saw no one the doorway was empty. Chloe took the last step to the door and heard a soft rustling noise behind her; she whirled around just as Raevanne’s weight took her down. Raevanne still smiled serenely.

“I thought you said I could go home?” Chloe asked her eyes filling with tears.

“I did.” Raevanne answered as she leaned forward and ripped out Chloe’s throat. She lapped the warm blood, like nectar, her green eyes glowing. “You can go to your home with the false god.”  Raevanne stood, smoothed her robes, wiped the blood from her mouth and called for Malcolm.

“Yes, my Shivana?” the mountain looked at the dead girl.

“Dispose of that and clean the chamber.”

“Yes, my Shivana.” Malcolm bent to pick up the body.

Raevanne hummed to herself as she went back to her office.

Copyright© Tanya R Simon. All rights reserved.

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