Book Review: Big Superhero Action by Raymond Embrack

Faydra Deon
By Faydra Deon October 25, 2012 21:40

Book Review: Big Superhero Action by Raymond Embrack


What can I say about this hot-mess of a book?!?!

Did it even have an ending?

Was there a central plot?

Why the snarky were there so many freakin’ characters to keep up with?

Does the author have an aversion to commas?

Does the author have a love affair with sentence fragments?

This was the most eclectic, zany, cryptic, nonsensical piece of book I’ve ever read, and I Loved. Every. Minute. Of. It! 😆

Raymond Embrack definitely needed an editor for this book, but he shouldn’t let an editor get in the way of his unconventional writing style. There were many, many places in Big Superhero Action where commas were badly needed. That’s where the book lost its half star.

Once the grammar geek in me got past the missing commas and the plethora of sentence fragments, I really got into the book.

Man, there’s just stuff happening all over the place in this book, but I’ll try to break it down without any spoilers.

Okay. You ready?

You’re not, but I’m going to give it a go, anyway. 😀

So, overall there is the good vs. evil scenario going on throughout the book. The good guys, AXIS, are trying to make sure the bad guys, OSD, don’t learn how to export superpowers outside of the only city in America where superpowers can exist. That city is Brutalia.

Both sides find out that there’s one person, a gay teenager named Chase Juniper, who can take his superpowers outside Brutalia, and they each want him on their team. AXIS wants him so OSD doesn’t get him. OSD wants him so they can duplicate his superpower and dominate the world.  👿

Now for all the characters, and forgive me if I miss a few. There were a zillion…

The one thing all the superpower citizens of Brutalia have in common is that their memories have been erased, so they don’t remember anything about their lives before the year 2000. Could this have something to do with Kinner and Membert? Read the book to find out about Kinner and Membert. 😀

The Carousel is head of AXIS, and Dr. Playground is head of OSD.

The Carousel can be many different superheroes, and he changes from one to another just as the comic books change each month on a carousel at your local store.

Dr. Playground is just freakin’ nuts! His life’s ambition, aside from global domination, is to become a pedophile. Ewe!

Playing for AXIS, you have:

  • The Carousel – leader
  • The Siren Syndicate – six 12-year-old girls in grown-up bodies; if one member leaves Brutalia, all members lose their superpowers and turn into regular, 12-year-old girls
    • Mermaid Gangster – leader of the Syndicate; regeneration powers and fashionista
    • Gingiri – the psychic and regenerator
    • Girlfinger – the scientist and regenerator
    • Kafka Kardashian – weapons specialist and regenerator
    • Captain Madame X – vehicles specialist and regenerator
    • Sailor Star – sensei/martial arts specialist and regenerator
  • Heroes Man who becomes Rock Hero – he flies but only to the song, “Heroes,” by David Bowie
  • JKM or Jack Kirby Man (a muscle-bound female) and The Halo (tiara-wearing male with breast implants) – a dynamic, transgender duo
  • Duff Nash – a superhero without an identity, who has Down’s Syndrome until he meets a superhero named Casey who heals him with a song from the future
  • Avenger Scout – his superpower is veracity; no matter what he says, people believe he’s telling the truth
  • The Kid is the Picture – also known as Chase Juniper, who can export his superpower of flight, which he can only do to certain music, outside the Brutalia city limits, or so everyone thinks  😉 You have to read the book to find out more.

Slaying for OSD, you have:

  • Dr. Playground – leader and pedophile wannabe
  • The Customizers – serial assassins
  • The Motorchrists – an outlaw biker gang
  • Man Mafia – a one-man crime syndicate, who can clone himself and wreak havoc with some clones while other clones sit in jail for their crimes; the highest number of clones he can remember is thirty
  • Her Blue Majesty – she’s a pimp for the OSD and she’s not concerned about the age or mental capacity of the people she pimps; she exploits children and people like the Newports who tranform into Tiger God and Tiger Goddess, whom you’ll learn more about when you read the book
  • Teenage Cleopatra – superpower of seduction; her beauty is addictive
  • Xoir – a psychiatrist for OSD but who also works with The Carousel, as long as they don’t talk about AXIS/OSD issues.

The Corpus seems to be a free agent who can perform surgery with his bare hands, and he doesn’t appear to be allied with either AXIS or OSD, but he’s a superhero who only uses his superpower to heal those he considers good, which is why he eventually agrees to perform gender reassignment surgery for the dynamic, transgender duo.

Some of my favorite lines from the book…

“An anorexic cockroach in rubber-soled shoes couldn’t sneak into the KM building.”

“Your tone is losing my appreciation.”

The bottom line…

The book appears to have no solid ending, but Embrack tells us that this book is the first in a series, so watch out for the second installment!

The book makes sense in the sense it makes. Don’t overthink it. Don’t over-anyalize it. Just sit back and enjoy the Big Superhero Action ride!

Faydra Deon
By Faydra Deon October 25, 2012 21:40
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