Authors Helping Authors: Experiences with Lulu

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By Index Admin January 27, 2013 21:19

Authors Helping Authors: Experiences with Lulu

With so many publishers available to independent authors these days, it’s hard to know which one to go with.

One thing we know is that many authors are using small publishers and/or vanity presses in lieu of trying to get someone at one of the Big Six to notice them.

The Index is asking authors who have published with one of these presses to share their experiences, both good and bad, with other authors looking to self-publish their own work.

This post is dedicated to the pros and cons of publishing with Lulu.

If you’re an authors who has published with Lulu, please leave your remarks in the comments section, and the Index would appreciate it if you’d be open to questions from those who may reply to your remarks.

If you’re thinking of publishing with Lulu, please feel free to leave your questions in the comments for authors who have already published with this publisher to answer.

Thanks for being an author helping authors! 😀

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Index Admin
By Index Admin January 27, 2013 21:19
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  1. Anonymous March 12, 18:31

    I published my sister in law’s book with Lulu, and while it took me several days to get the formatting right, I finally figured it out and it was SO EASY after that. And free. How can you beat FREE??? She’s already had two sales. It’s amazing.

    For my own book, I’ll be going with Lulu as well and hopefully getting hard copies and having them edit and maybe even design the cover art, but I might have that done separately as well…

    Either way, once you figure it out, it’s AMAZINGLY easy! When we get more sales, I’m going to promote it with them as well. And get some hard copies. Very exciting.

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