3 Reasons It Makes Sense to Some Authors to Pay to Advertise Their Free eBooks…

Faydra Deon
By Faydra Deon August 7, 2013 04:28

3 Reasons It Makes Sense to Some Authors to Pay to Advertise Their Free eBooks…

There was a time when finding free eBooks, that weren’t already in the public domain, was like finding a grain of salt in a bowl of rice.

However, times have changed drastically, and thousands, dare I say millions, of eBooks, especially by independent authors and authors published by small presses, are either always free or free for a limited time.

Let’s not forget about sites like Wattpad and Scribd., where authors are writing their eBooks chapter-by-chapter and charging nothing for your privilege to follow along.

With all this competition to get your free eBook to be noticed among thousands of other free eBooks, some authors are lamenting “I can’t even give my book away for free!”


number-01Free eBooks aren’t the latest “get noticed” gimmick anymore. Giving away, say, the first book in a four-book series has become a bona fide way to build an audience, and at the risk of over-generalizing “everybody’s doing it!”

number-02This idea that “everybody’s doing it” has caused a saturation of free eBooks in the marketplace, and you have readers who are saying, “Goodness, I have so many free eBooks to get through, I just don’t see the point of downloading any more for at least another year or so.” Part of this is a result of the early “I’ll give my eBook away for free to build an audience” adopters and readers who snatched up all of what was free thinking that they better “get’em while the getting was good.” They didn’t necessarily think that the trend would last, so they begin hording, and the trend did last and then they realized they were overwhelmed because they weren’t paying attention to how much they were consuming because who can resist FREE?


number-03It all came full circle and with the saturation of the marketplace with free eBooks, you cease to have trouble finding free eBooks, that weren’t already in the public domain, but now the problem is finding quality, free eBooks by authors who are committed to their craft and devoted to producing excellent content. That has now become like finding that same grain of salt in that same bowl of rice.

So what does an author do when (s)he just can’t seem to give away their eBooks anymore?

Some of them turn to paying to advertise their free eBooks, so they can separate themselves from the masses of other authors offering their eBooks free, too.

Case in point…

When I started one of my other sites, eBook Blitz, I’d never considered the idea that I could monetize the site.

My main purpose for even starting eBook Blitz was to share my free eBook finds with others who may not know about all the free goodies that existed. My other purpose for starting eBook Blitz was to share free eBooks on sites other than Amazon. That’s because there were [are] so many sites that [are] were already portals for “Amazon only” free eBooks.

Then one day, an author sent me a message through my contact form and asked if I planned to offer premium services to authors who wanted to have their free eBooks featured in a “stand-out” capacity over and beyond the 10- and 12-eBooks per post that I was creating on eBook Blitz.

I gave it some thought, and thus a new avenue of exposure for authors who wanted extra exposure for their free eBooks was born.

I do realize that some authors will say “there’s no way I’m going to pay to advertise a free eBook,” and that’s totally fine, and I’d assert that many of them will remain lost in the see of eBook freebies.

However, on the flip side of the same coin, there are authors who are saying, “I’m going to make this investment to have to free eBook promoted, so I can rise above the masses of other authors who are also giving away their eBooks for free.”

All I can say is that I’m grateful to have developed a site like eBook Blitz that showcases free eBooks for free and also offers authors who want to pay for more exposure a way to do that, as well.

Is paid advertising for your free eBook a wise decision for you? Of course, that all depends on you. 😀

Thanks for reading!

Faydra Deon
By Faydra Deon August 7, 2013 04:28
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