Ebony Canion

Ebony Canion is no stranger to adversity. In fact, her countless traumatic experiences in her childhood and adulthood have molded her to be strong, resil…

Alberta Felder

Alberta’s Bio: Alberta Felder resides in Birmingham, Alabama. She is married to her best friend who means the world to

Sylvia Hubbard

Sylvia’s Bio: Detroit native, Sylvia Hubbard, a single mother of three, has worked tirelessly to promote and encourage emerging writers

M.C. Webb

About M.C.: Marene Chandler Webb was born in Georgia, raised in South Carolina,Tennessee, and Alabama. Marene has spent the majority of her life in the deep South. She is the

Pamela D. Rice

Pamela’s Bio: The lure of enticing words has always captivated Pamela D. Rice. Known for her stimulating and thought-provoking views,

S.A. King

S.A.’s Bio: Sahm Ataine King is a poet, aspiring novelist, and graphic designer and has been in-love with the written


Leave A Message: A Short Story by Faydra D. Fields

Summary: Samia Murchison spends the next day in bed after partying hard at a club the night before with a really good-looking guy she takes home with her.

The Crater Mountain Sasquatch Legend by Robert A. Hunt

High upon the peak of Crater Mountain lives a Legend. As the accounts by many eye witnesses have told, something lives in the wild. Something large and hairy, walking on two legs like a man, but definit…

Family Tree the Novel by Andrea N. Carr

She went to jail and found freedom. Arrested for driving on a suspended license, Angel Harper was less than prepared to deal with what happened next. Being stuck in jail is the least of her worries when…